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21 Extremely Bizarre Facts About Animals That will Make You Say WTF

10. Argonaut, a variety of octopus, has a detachable penis that swims to the substantially larger female’s sac.

Argonaut with Detachable Penis
Image Source:, acanadiannaturalist

Also called paper nautiluses these male octopi are just 10% of the size of their female members. This unbelievably large difference in size has created a unique method of copulation in which the male ejects a tentacle containing its sperm towards the female. The tentacle develops a pouch under its eye that explodes and propels itself to attach and enter the female sac after which the male dies. The argonauts are an amazing species. They are the only octopuses that develop and live in their own shells. Unlike many octopi, these creatures live in the upper layers of water.(source)


9. An elephant in Corbett National Park, India, was so smitten by a lizard that she played with it and took it along with her for a few days.

Elephant and Lizard
Image Source: dailymail

The name of the elephant in question is Madhuri. Jagdeep Rajput, a photographer, caught her on camera exhibiting some extraordinary behavior. He heard about her interest in lizards and the park having quite a lot of them provided her with ample entertainment. She played with it, trashing it about, dropping and throwing it. Elephants have very large brains owing to the large size of their heads. They are capable of remembering memories for a very long time and can also wonder what’s going on in the heads of other elephants.(source)


8. The “World’s Ugliest Animal” blobfish looks ugly when out of water because of its low-density flesh. Under the deep sea the fish looks normal because the pressure compresses it to normal state.

Blobfish Underwater and Out of Water
Image Source: ipfactly, abresourcesllc

Blobfish is a fish that looks quite unlike fish. Its skin doesn’t have the beautiful iridescent scales that normal fishes have. Instead, it looks like freshly formed lump of human skin. These fish live under more than 2,000 feet underwater. The heavy load of water creates high pressure which is almost 60 to 120 times than at sea level. The blobfishes survive on crustaceans that float on the surface of the sea. Because of its low-density body all the blobfish has to do is float to the surface and swallow as much as it needs.The blobfish have also been used as the mascot for Ugly Animal Preservation Society for children who are not thought to be aesthetically pleasing.(source)


7. Male giraffes often taste the urine of a female to determine if she is fertile as part of an action known as flehmen response.

Giraffe Couple
Image Source: giraffeworlds

The flehmen response to determine if the female is ready is seen in every animal, though almost all of them only smell with their upper lip curled back and inhaling with the nostrils closed for some time. In giraffes the action includes the male stimulating the female’s hind side to urinate. If it’s positive, then the male starts to court her. The male prefers to mate with females of specific age group, leaving the very young and old ones. Giraffes exhibit a polygamous relationship, with the dominant male getting to mate while the younger ones or weaker ones are left aside. Using their necks they fight each other for the female and whichever neck stands straight the longest wins the contest.(1, 2)

6. The penises of male alligators are always erect. They stay inside their body until they are needed.

Alligators Near a Lake
Image Source:

An anatomist, Diane Kelly of University of Massachusetts, conducted a study in which she found is tough and erect constantly. When dissected she found that the penis filled with a lot of collagen, a tough and fibrous tissue, that keeps it always erect. When injected with saline fluid, she noticed that unlike other animals, the penis stayed the same. Instead of using it for copulating, the alligators use a set of muscles that help it eject and retract whenever necessary.(source)


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