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21 Extremely Bizarre Facts About Animals That will Make You Say WTF

15. A chunk six pound whale vomit has sold for more than $150,000. It has huge demand and is used in the manufacturing of high-end perfumes.

Whale's Vomit Used in Perfumes
Image Source: whaleopedia,, earthtouchnews

Also known as ambergris, literally translating into “grey amber”, the whale puke floats up to the surface. The chunks are made inside the whale’s bile duct. When it’s fresh it smells as terrible as any normal puke, but when it’s aged it gives off a musky scent. The fact that it smells good is actually a bonus as perfume manufacturers are more interested in its ability to make the perfume stay on the wearer’s body. Another such small chunk was recently found by a man along a coast, which was later auctioned with a starting price of $10,000.(source)


14. After ingesting opium poppies, Australian wallabies have made crop circles in the field grown for medicine.

Stoned Wallabies Create Crop Circles
Image Source:, granitegrok

Wallabies are a species of Australian animals belonging to the same family as kangaroos, but not as large as them. They live on vegetable, grass, leaves and other such plant foods. According to attorney from Tasmania, an island in Australia, the wallabies often come into opium fields meant for manufacturing painkillers such as morphine to eat after the poppies. Then they get high and run about the fields in circles creating their own crop circles.(source)


13. Female spotted hyenas have penises that serve as an anti-rape mechanism. The male has to enter through it during copulation rather than the vagina.

Female Hyena's Pseudo-penis
Image Source:

The spotted hyenas are a matriarchal society with the male taking the submissive role during sex and otherwise. The females have what is known as pseudo-penis comparatively thicker and more rounded than the male’s, and is actually the clitoris enlarged and erected. The females give birth, copulate and urinate through their pseudo-penis. So, unless the female is interested in mating with the male that has approached her, in which case she retracts the penis, it is very difficult to proceed further. Giving birth to cubs during delivery is also a tricky process as they have to come out through the penis.(source)


12. An estimated one third of all sex among ducks is forced sex. It is so prevalent that the females’ genitals are evolving to counter it.

Duck Couple
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The male ducks have the most interesting looking penis. It is shaped as a spiral with groves that take their sperm to the tip and a feathery surface to clean the sperm of other males inside the female. It is a rare thing because almost all male birds do not have any penises. Their copulation requires aligning what are called cloaca, openings to their internal chamber, which in the case of female is for laying eggs and in the case of male to discharge sperm. However, the female ducks have evolved and developed an opening that doesn’t make it easy for the male duck to enter. The inside of their claoca is spiraled in the opposite way.(source)

11. A male porcupine douses the female with his urine to provoke her into having sex.

Porcupines Couple
Image Source: youtube

The male first makes his rounds sniffing all the scents of the female he is pursuing. He smells everything she has touched along where she has urinated. He then performs a few masturbatory acts like rubbing his penis on objects he could find. A female also does the same when she is in pre-copulating stage. The male also likes to smell her all over, after which he would stand on his hind legs exposing his penis to her which is reciprocated by the female if she is ready. The male then ejects a stream of urine onto her. After every move the male makes the female usually either responds positively or runs away.(source)


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