15 Weird Psychological Reasons for People Falling in Love

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Picture 15 Weird Psychological Reasons for People Falling in Love

If you really wish to know the secret behind falling in love, it is NOT destiny! There is a lot that goes into falling for someone. Biological signals, physical attraction and psychological reasons for love are much-debated issues. While there are individuals who say that it is simply a feeling towards someone, professionals state that the context, biology and upbringing play a major role. Yet does that solve the mystery? Not even the slightest bit!

Our partners play a vital role in our health, career prospects and happiness in the long – term. So, here we’ve compiled a list of weird yet true psychological reasons that make two people click.

Psychological Reasons for Love – What makes them fall!

1 Similarities make you two click!

Image Credits: Zediajaab via wikimedia

Opposed to the popular notion that ‘opposites attract’, studies have indicated that the cliché is totally off! In everyday life, two individuals who are similar in broader dispositions like personality bond better, emotionally. Also, they understand each other better, easily. This makes it easier to be comfortable with the partner. (Source)

2. A similarity in looks to the parent of opposite sex

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‘A father is a daughter’s first love’. Absolutely true! Even after all those years of growing up and socializing, one thing that stays is our affection for the parent of opposite sex. The same law governs here. When we meet someone who looks similar to our ‘beloved’ parent, we tend to be more attracted to the person. Research shows that similarity in eye colour and hair is a strong attractive pull towards an individual. (Source)

3 Height Matters! 

Height matters
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Yes, it does, unfortunately. Doesn’t mean you need to add the broader soles but being tall is just better. Especially, when it’s the man! What girl would not like her head tucked under his chin or stretching on her toes for a kiss? Taller men do enjoy a certain level of advantage when dating. The social advantages, confidence that comes with the tall stature and so much more! It’s just simply disarming! (Source)


4 Staring! Literally!

Image Credits: pixabay

Some studies have shown that gazing into each other’s eyes for about two minutes can incorporate the feeling of attraction between them. This happens even when the two individuals of opposite sex have never met each other before. Yes – STRANGERS too are unable to escape the powerful pull of staring into eyes! (Source)

5 How you smell!

smell of partner
Image Credits: goodfreephotos

One thing that never goes unnoticed when anyone is close is the body odour. How you smell is very important. Also, there are certain studies which have shown that fertile women (those who are ovulating) are attracted to the body smell of a man with high testosterone levels. Call it the hormonal issues or something else, but that’s just the truth. Maybe that’s why girlfriends like moving around in their guy’s shirts. It’s comfy, cool and smells of him. (Source: 1, 2)

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Picture 15 Weird Psychological Reasons for People Falling in Love
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