An African Man Has Been Living in Isolation for 55 Years Due to His Fear of Women

by Deepti S8 months ago
Picture An African Man Has Been Living in Isolation for 55 Years Due to His Fear of Women

Imagine living in constant fear when even the sight of a woman sends shivers down your spine! Although we are all familiar with common phobias such as fear of water or heights, a virgin man’s phobia of women has recently caught the attention of the Internet. This 71-year-old man has chosen to live in complete isolation for a staggering 55 years inside a tiny house enclosed by a towering wooden fence that acts like a barrier to keep women out. Want to find out how he manages to survive in such isolation? Keep reading.

The Old Man from Rwanda Has Been Living in Complete Isolation Since the Age of 16 

Callitxe Nzamwita
Callitxe Nzamwita. Image Credit: Afrimax English/

Callitxe Nzamwita, now 71, hit a breaking point at 16 when his fear of women, i.e., gynophobia, became too much for him to bear. He began constructing a house for himself 55 years ago, i.e., in 1968. His house is enclosed by a tall, 15-foot wooden fence, presumably made of bamboo tightly bound together using random clothes and ropes.

At first glance, the house may appear abandoned, but stepping inside reveals a pleasant surprise. While it is not extravagant, the owner has designed it to be a cozy and suitable place for one person to live.

Callitxe Nzamwita’s house is so small that it is convenient for only one person's survival
Callitxe Nzamwita’s house is so small that it is convenient for only one person’s survival. Image Credit: Afrimax English/

There’s no separate space or rooms for a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. The bed stands on bamboo-like wooden rods and rests on a wooden base. He’s spread out a pile of leaves on the bed base and covered it with random clothes and bedsheets. The unconventional pillow consists of some natural things, such as a wooden mat, a bundle of leaves for support that prevents him from falling, and some old clothes. His restroom needs are met in the same location, directly across from his bed. Even the kitchen is very close to his bed.


Ironically, the Female Neighbours Are the Ones Helping the Man Survive 

Virgin man’s phobia of women
Virgin man’s phobia of women. Image Credit: Afrimax English/

The virgin man’s phobia of women is so extreme that if he spots a woman near his property, he quickly runs indoors to hide from them. Despite all this, women around his house have been kind enough to extend a helping hand to him.

Since he does not allow women inside his house, they help him by throwing food and essential things such as groceries into his yard.  He eventually picks the items up, all while maintaining zero contact with them. An African media company called Afrimax covered the man’s story and conducted an interview with him in August 2023. This peculiar story has gained widespread attention online ever since.


How Rare Is Gynophobia?

Man with gynophobia
Man with gynophobia. . Image Credit: Afrimax English/

As we discussed earlier, gynophobia is a rare, specific phobia in which a person has an intense fear of women. People who suffer from phobias such as gynophobia are able to understand that their fear is irrational and not based on any actual risk. Sadly, they still cannot control their fear. Just thinking about the trigger can cause them severe anxiety. It may further result in social isolation, interpersonal problems, anxiety/panic attacks, and even depression, i.e., if they are not treated!


The exact cause of gynophobia is unknown, but it could be because of previous bad experiences with women, environmental factors, genetics, or changes in the way the brain works. People who have had phobias in the past or who have family members with anxiety disorders are also more likely to develop gynophobia.

Although there is no specific data on the prevalence of gynophobia, one study found that men are less likely to develop specific phobias than women, with a lifetime prevalence of 4.9% for men and 9.8% for women across nationalities. If we go by this analysis, gynophobia is even rarer, as it is a phobia that only affects men.

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Picture An African Man Has Been Living in Isolation for 55 Years Due to His Fear of Women
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