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15 Weird Psychological Reasons for People Falling in Love

6. Go, adventure together!

Image credits: pixabay

Experience the adrenaline rushes together, the excitement and the thrill. One of the psychological reasons for love is doing something thrilling together. There simply seems to be a connection between anxiety and sexual attraction. Anxiety creates a sense of arousal which is often considered to be due to the presence of the prospective partner by most individuals. This heightens the sexual attraction and makes you fall! (Source)


7. Warm up the date a little!

Date ready
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It’s simple – nothing beats a guy with a cool attitude yet, warmth in his eyes and presence. What is better than coffee if we are talking warmth. While anyone would love being treated to an ice cream or maybe a drink but coffee dates radiate positive warmth and the other person feels welcome. Usually, the choice of a date is perceived as the person’s personality too. You won’t like to be misunderstood as a cold person. That shuts all doors instantly (almost!). (Source)


8. If you own a luxury apartment.

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Women might love your expensive cars and bikes but what attracts more is a picture in some luxury apartment. Even a casual picture in a high – end and tastefully done home is attractive for women. The illusion presented by the linkage of property to status has a strong impact on women. Also, it never hurts being classy. So even if you can’t afford the ‘too expensive’ furniture and décor, you can always look up for options that fall within your budget and yet look luxurious. Taste matters a lot in this case! Time to make your home a ‘sweet home’! (Source)

9. A dog as your companion.

men and dog
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A dog’s love is the best love a man can get. But did you know they will help you find love too! Or if not that, at least, make ladies fall for you! Women rated men with dogs higher on attractiveness index. They are perceived as caring, relaxed and approachable. Also, it reflects the inclination towards long term commitment and nurturance. And well, whatever age, size and colour – girls will be girls, and they will always love a man who cares for them! (Source)

10. The accidental and unpleasant first meeting!

unpleasant first meeting
Image credits: pixabay

It has often been noticed that individuals tend to fall for people they did not really like in their first meeting. So even if the other person did not find you very appealing or attractive, you are still in the game. Don’t call it quit so soon! Someone who has a negative impression of you at the first time probably might just change his or her perception of you when you meet next. And then you must try your best again, with the chances highly in your favour. (Source)


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