These 15 Photos Are Some of The Oldest Photographs Ever Taken In The Human History

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Picture These 15 Photos Are Some of The Oldest Photographs Ever Taken In The Human History

In the world of Instagrammers and Snapchat addicts, the obsession of humans with photographs remains alive. But before you call yourself the master of innovation with some good lighting and decent Photoshop skills, have a look at some of the oldest photographs. These were shot as early as 1838 and are a mesmerizing display of photography. Though there was a lag in terms of technology, yet it could not restrain the passionate photographers who captured landscapes, humans, and even the beautiful USS constitution during the sail.

Here are the best of the oldest photographs!

1 The first human to be captured!

oldest photographs of the world
Boulevard du Temple by Louis Daguerre. Image source Wikipedia

This photograph by Louis Daguerre, of a street in Paris, was captured in 1838. On a close look, a man can be identified in the lower left corner of the photograph. The man seems to be getting his boots cleaned and the boot cleaner is also identifiable. Even though this goes unnoticed in a swift glance at this old and smudged photograph of a strangely deserted city, close observation reveals that this is probably the first photograph featuring a human. (Source)


2. Oldest Self–Portrait: Yes, the first ever SELFIE!!

oldest self portrait photographs
Image credits: Robert Cornelius via wikimedia

Clicking selfies has emerged as a trend lately. An important aspect considered by mobile phone companies is upgrading the front camera. But are selfies or the self – portraits really a new invention? Seems not! As early as 1839, a selfie was clicked by Robert Cornelius. The method used was daguerreotype. This method has been named after a famous early photographer, Louis Daguerre. This self – portrait is generally accepted as one of the oldest photographs in the form of human portraits. Also, it has been written on the paper that this portrait is the first light picture to ever be captured. Amazing, isn’t it? (Source)

3. A Photograph of the Earliest Born Woman

oldest portrait photographs
Image source: wikimedia

This is a portrait of Hannah Stilley who was born in the year 1746. What is, even more intriguing, is the fact that she was 30 years old when America came into existence! Though the original daguerreotype of this portrait has been missing, it is printed in a 1936-book by Alva Gorby, ‘The Gorby Family, History, and Genealogy’. She was photographed in 1840. Though it certainly appears photographic, it is referred to as a daguerreotype in Gorby’s book. (Source)


4 Oldest Photographs of a US President

Oldest Photographs of US president
John Quincy Adams. Image source: wikimedia

The first US president to be clicked was John Quincy Adams. His portrait was captured in the year 1843. Quincy Adams served as the sixth president of the United States of America and held office from 1825 to 1829. At the age of 76, when he was not the sitting president, a daguerreotype of Adams was made. The portrait was photographed by Philip Haas. (Source)

5 First News Photograph

Link to the image

This daguerreotype of an arrest in France was made in the year 1847. It is reportedly the first ever news related photograph. This daguerreotype was one of the oldest photographs to represent news. Today when no news feels complete without a relevant image, it sure is interesting to know where this trend evolved from. (Source)

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Picture These 15 Photos Are Some of The Oldest Photographs Ever Taken In The Human History
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