Blind Mystic woman who predicted 9/11 attack, has a terrifying prediction for 2016

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Picture Blind Mystic woman who predicted 9/11 attack, has a terrifying prediction for 2016

How true can the predictions of a Blind Mystic be? Baba Vanga has reportedly prophesized correctly for a number of incidents. The notable one’s have been the destructive face of nature – 2004 Tsunami, and that of main – 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. But it doesn’t end at this. Before her death, she predicted way further than 2001 or 2004. She had predicted further and a prophecy had the year 2016 loaded with grief.

Who was the Blind Mystic Baba Vanga?

Baba Vanga - Blind Mystic
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Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova – blinded at an innocent age of 12 years in a terrible storm as per local legends. She was a blind Bulgarian seer. According to the followers, she predicted major events of global concern including the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 2004 Tsunami correctly. Yes, that sounds spine chilling! What’s more is that even the rise of ISIS was allegedly foretold by her.

What’s in store for 2016 according to the prediction?

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The followers of the blind mystic lady, who possibly gained sight of the future after losing her sight for the present world, have revealed a prediction for 2016. They say that a prophecy was made by her before she died in 1996, at the age of 85. It is being said that she foresaw the ceasing existence of Europe due to the Muslim extremist invasion in 2016. Horrifying, isn’t it? A WHOLE CONTINENT WILL CEASE TO EXIST! This invasion has been foreseen to involve chemical weapons.
Sure, with advancements in technology, chemical weapons are a thing of the now but could destruction be huge enough with this ugly face of the human race being exhibited?


Past predictions stand strong in support of the Blind Mystic Baba Vanga!

Believers say that lots of past events had been correctly predicted by the Blind Mystic before her demise. These include –

Cold blooded Twin Tower 9/11 terror attack – Baba Vanga has warned the attack of ‘two steel birds’ on the ‘American brethren’. Some say she indicated the two planes which were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade centre.

blind mystic predicted 9/11
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2004 Tsunami – The disappearing of everything beneath water due to a ‘huge wave’ was reportedly predicted by the mystic in the 1950s.
The win of Barack Obama – (looks like her visions had an inclination towards disasters – both natural and human-caused, but politics too!) She predicted an African American being elected the 44th president of the States and also warned him as being the ‘last US president’.
The rise of ISIS – Stated as the ‘great Muslim war’, she reportedly prophesized the rise of the ISIS.

There is so much more – World War II, date of Stalin’s demise, breaking of the Soviet Union, the election of Boris Yeltsin and even the Chernobyl disaster. Does that make you cringe?

Talking of the future in the words of this blind mystic…

Apart from the complete destruction of Europe in a chemical warfare in 2016, there are other predictions for the future too.
2018 – China being a superpower. (Yeah, with the pace of their advancement, that has a good chance!)
2025 to 2028 – Eradication of hunger. (Finally, good news!)
2045 – Ice caps might melt. (Blame global warming!)
• An attack by the US on Muslim-held Europe. This will use an ‘instant freezing weapon’, which will be climate based. (But wait, isn’t Europe out of question with the prediction for 2016!)
2341 – Earth will be uninhabitable. (WHAT!?)
4647 – Total assimilation of humanity with aliens. (Our future generations will be aliens probably! Ah, maybe some mutations in the human genome if we’re to reason scientifically.)
ANNDDD – the big one – the universe will end by 5097! (That’s FAAAR away, though.)

But don’t just evacuate Europe yet – there were also predictions by the blind mystic regarding a nuclear World War between November 2010 and October 2014, which seemingly never happened (Thankfully!).
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Picture Blind Mystic woman who predicted 9/11 attack, has a terrifying prediction for 2016
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