Believe It Or Not! 15 Extraordinary Animal Facts That Are Hard To Digest!

by Maanya Sachdeva9 years ago
Picture Believe It Or Not! 15 Extraordinary Animal Facts That Are Hard To Digest!

Did you know that horses and cows sleep while standing? Or that sheep have four stomachs, each to help them digest the food they eat? Can you wrap your head around the fact that Polar Bears are actually black in color?

If these animal facts caught your fancy, read on for 15 more. Prepare, once again, to be amazed because you know nothing, Jon Snow.

1. China has ridiculously large, human-sized salamanders. 

Giant Salamander
Image courtesy: NGT / National Geographic Creative(taken from)

There are two species of this ginormous amphibian – one in China that can grow to about 6 feet, and a smaller version in Japan which grows to 5 feet.

Other distinguishing characteristics of these big boys are that they smell like pepper, move at a deceptively quick pace and have really tiny eyes.(source)

2 While fishing off of Northland’s Karikari Peninsula, a fisherman discovered a see-through fish! 

Translucent fish
Image source:

Stewart Fraser was fishing in Northland’s Karikari Peninsula with his sons, when a see-through fish swimming near the surface of water caught his eye. Unable to identify it from a distance, Fraser reeled in the translucent fish to get a closer look. However, he said that he had absolutely no idea what the creature was.

It was later discovered that Mr. Fraser’s catch is actually one of the ocean’s most important inhabitants and not all that rare. The translucent fish is called a Salp and made of cellulose. They can eat even the smallest particles, like bacteria or planktons, and have the magical ability to combat global warming!(source)

3 Remember Scrat? The saber-toothed squirrel, featured in the 2002 film ‘Ice Age’, was believed to be fictional…until the fossilized skull of one was discovered in 2011.

Saber-Toothed Squirrel
Image source

In 2002, paleontologists stumbled upon the, mostly, complete skull of a fanged, shrew-like mammal in Argentina. However, the skull was covered in rock and its identity remained shrouded in mystery.

The rock was, then, painstakingly cleaned away and the skull was identified as the remains of a saber-toothed, squirrel like creature.(source)

Scrat, is that you?


4 ‘Starbuck’ is a famous Canadian bull, whose genome was so desirable that his sperm sold for $25 million during his life. Today, he has more than 200,000 daughters. 

'Starbuck', a famous Canadian bull
Image source:

Born on April 26, 1979, Starbuck was a certified legend. Weighing in at a massive 2,580 pounds, this Canadian bull was a good-looking chap. So good-looking that, in pursuit of his highly desirable genome, his sperm sold for $25 million.

And why shouldn’t it? From 1986 to 1995, Starbuck won the title of ‘Premier Sire’ 27 times at five major Holstein shows held in Canada and the US.(source)

5 The Darwin’s bark spider spins the largest webs in the world, with a silk that’s tougher than any known biological substance. 

Darwin’s bark spider web
Image source:

Caerostris darwini, or Darwin’s bark spider, spins webs that can cover 30-square-foot areas, hanging in mid-air from 80-foot-long anchor lines. What’s more is that the strands of the web are “10 times better than Kevlar,” according to University of Puerto Rico zoologist, Igni Agnarsson. This means that the strands are made of a silk that’s tougher than anything else!

The inch-wide arachnid was discovered in the jungles of Madagascar and the size of the spider, in comparison to the size of its web, has left many befuddled.(source)

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Picture Believe It Or Not! 15 Extraordinary Animal Facts That Are Hard To Digest!
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