Boris Kipriyanovich Spoke Within Months of Being Born, Learned to Read and Write when He was Two Years Old, and Claims to Be a Martian in a Past Life!

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Picture Boris Kipriyanovich Spoke Within Months of Being Born, Learned to Read and Write when He was Two Years Old, and Claims to Be a Martian in a Past Life!

Boris Kipriyanovich must be one of the most famous people in Russia. When Boris, who is lovingly called “Boriska meaning “little Boris,” was just seven years old, he held an entire audience in awe at a camping trip by recounting stories of his past life on Mars. There was a German professor in the audience, Gennady Belimov, who recorded Boriska’s monologue. It went viral, and a premier newspaper picked up the story.

Boris Kipriyanovich, a 22-year-old man, allegedly claims that he had lived on the red planet Mars before being reborn on Earth. He started talking about planets and space when he was just seven years old. 

Image credits: Project Camelot

Boris Kipriyanovich was born on January 11, 1996, to Nadya Kipriyanovich. Since his birth, he has not been a normal child but has demonstrated super capabilities that are very rarely in a child his age. His mother, Nadya, claims that he was able to hold his head up without her support when he was just 15 days old! That’s odd considering it usually takes months for babies to be able to lift their head on their own. Nadya is a doctor, and she found this very strange, but at the same time, she believed her son to be gifted.

Boriska baffled his parents when he started speaking when he was just a few months old. By the age of two, he was able to read, draw, and paint. He started talking about Mars and other space-associated phenomena even though his parents never talked to him about Mars or space.

Image credits: Project Camelot, Kevin Gill/Flickr

Well, Nadya’s suspicions turned into reality when Boriska started speaking in full sentences and perfect vocabulary when he was just one and a half years old. And, to her surprise, he started recalling his past life on Mars and shared detailed stories with her. Boriska’s parents never talked to him about Mars or space, and he was too young to read everything on his own. His mother once said, “No one has ever taught him. Sometimes he would sit in a lotus position and start telling us detailed facts about Mars, planetary systems and other civilizations which really puzzled us.”

The family took a camping trip when Boris Kipriyanovich was just seven years old. During a campfire gathering, Boris asked the people to sit down around him so that they could listen to his stories of being a Martian in his past life. He held the audience in awe for more than an hour. There was a professor in the audience who recorded Boris’s stories. This is how the world came to know about him.


Scientists were baffled when Boris Kipriyanovich made claims that the Martians measure around seven feet tall, live underground on the Red Planet, and can breathe carbon dioxide. He also said that people from Mars were immortal! Moreover, he claimed to have visited Earth, especially Egypt, multiple times as a Martian pilot. He believes that Earth is going to change significantly when the Great Sphinx of Giza is “unlocked.”

Image credits: Pixabay

Boris’s claims and knowledge of the cosmos bewildered scientists. He had expert knowledge on the galaxy and the Solar System at such a young age. His claims turned interesting when he described life on Mars in detail.

So, according to Boris Kipriyanovich, he had been a Martian a long time ago. This was at the time when Earth had only one continent and Lumeria was in existence. Both Earth and Mars had advanced societies that had time travel and teleportation technologies. He worked as a military pilot for Mars then and had visited Earth a couple of times. Mars and Earth had a very close partnership, and Boris used to fly triangular-shaped spacecraft powered by plasma and ion. Martians used to visit Egypt a lot.

Triangular spacecraft
Image credits: Pixabay

He also said that Martians had the ability to breathe carbon dioxide. The people on Mars used to be really tall and almost reach as high as seven feet in height. Also, they would stop aging when they reached 35 years of age and would be immortal unless they were killed.

Image credits: Pixabay

Moreover, Boris believes that there are secrets hidden inside the Great Sphinx in Giza – secrets that would change the world forever. He even said that the way to unlock those secrets is hidden behind one of the ears of the Great Sphinx. Considering that the Martians had such a great relationship with Egypt, this might be possible. And surprisingly, about 10 years after Boris made this claim, a sensory scan of the Great Sphinx revealed that there is something odd behind one of the Sphinx’s ear! There may be a hidden chamber hidden there.

But, when Boris as a Martian teenager, a nuclear war erupted on Mars that destroyed the atmosphere. The Martians tried to create a sun out of Jupiter but failed. He claims that the procedure left a spot on Jupiter which we know as the “Great Red Spot.”

Great red spot
Great red spot. Image credits: NASA / SwRI / MSSS / Seán Doran/Flickr

We have never been able to find any evidence of life on Mars even though there’s strong speculation on the existence of life there. Boris’ stories explain why we have not been able to find life on Mars yet. According to Boris, when he was 14 or 15 years old, a nuclear war broke out on Mars. The war destroyed the atmosphere and the environment completely. The Martians tried to create a sun out of the planet Jupiter but were unable to. This is what the Great Red Spot on Jupiter is, according to Boris.

Since the atmosphere was no longer habitable, the remaining Mars population moved underground and adapted to breathing carbon dioxide. They still live there, and we have been looking in the wrong places, Boris advises.

Nasa lander
An artist illustration of the InSight lander on Mars. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Boris’ stories are in line with certain theories by experts. Dr. John Brandenburg, a plasma scientist, believes that the earlier civilizations on Mars were wiped out by a nuclear war. Dr. Alfred McEwen, planetary geology professor, strongly believes that there might be water and life in the interior of Mars. This puts Boris’ stories into perspective.

Another claim that Boriska made is that he is not the only Martian reborn on Earth. Known as “Indigo children,” there are many children like him who survived the Martian wars and were reborn on Earth. They are in a mission to protect Earth from destruction.

Indigo children
Image credits: Pixabay

Boris made another claim. He said that he is not the only Martian to have ever been reborn on Earth. There are others like him, known as “Indigo children,” who are on a mission to Earth. They have been sent to Earth to help humanity avoid an apocalyptic nuclear war.

Boris was interviewed by Project Camelot when he was 11 years old. His interview can be seen here:
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Picture Boris Kipriyanovich Spoke Within Months of Being Born, Learned to Read and Write when He was Two Years Old, and Claims to Be a Martian in a Past Life!
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