10 Weirdest Things That Happened Back In 2014

by Mohammed Hidhayat9 years ago
Picture 10 Weirdest Things That Happened Back In 2014

Although it’s time for a fresh start, 2014 witnessed a lot of unusual and bizarre activity. Let’s reflect back on some of the most absurd, astonishing and funny stories that made it to the top. We sure do live in an exciting world. Here’s a list of 10 weirdest news stories that happened back in 2014.

1 Reddit Goes Gaga Over “DoubleDickDude”

Guy with rare condition 'Penile Duplication'
Image source

It’s all in the user name ‘DoubleDickDude‘, the guy with two penises. He took over the internet to reveal his glorious medical condition and Reddit deemed him legendary status during his AMA session. Diphallia occurs in the rarest of the rarest occasions affecting 1 in 5.5 million. Also known as Penile Duplication, it is a condition where the male infant is born with two same sex organs. And if you’re imagining about them – No, he does not have 4 balls. Just 2. Although the guy has no plan to submit any video or photo of his face, he did share numerous NFSW photos on reddit that went viral over tumblr and imgur. People with Diphallia suffer from renal, congenital & vertebral problems. As DDD says, he suffered from pain and tension in his teens and underwent minor surgery to correct his urethra. But, now he is a healthy bisexual currently dating his partners and he loves his anatomy. (source)

2. Breast Implants – Level: Total Recall

Breast implant

A Florida based therapist, Jasmine Tridevil made news last September when she added a ‘third’ breast to her collection. Why did she do it? She said “I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore.” Plus, her dream was to have her own MTV reality show. The 21 year old woman revealed via Real Radio 104.1 that she reportedly spent $20K on doing it and had tried more than 50 doctors before one agreed to perform the surgery. Not sure if the surgery took place but the lengthy operation would’ve used skin tissue from abdomen, added a silicon implant and grafted it complete with an inked areola. However, reports fled in about the news being hoax and snopes had it all figured out.(source)

3 Someone Sent A Lamb Chop Into Space

Novelist Nikesh Shukla strapped a GoPro to a tandoori lamb chop from East London’s illustrious Tayyabs restaurant, attached it to a helium balloon and let it go. At a height of 25 kms, the balloon burst and the lamb chop made its way back to earth. 5 months later, the camera was returned to the owner with 100 minutes of intact footage. Apparently, the wreckage was recovered by a farmer from Dorset. All this was done to promote his novel, Meatspace. (source)

4 An*l Check For Birds In China

Anal check for birds in China
Image source

In China, a flock of 10,000 pigeons were selected to take part in the country’s National Day celebration. But first, they had to undergo security check which included an*l examination. The birds were thoroughly inspected for foreign objects and approved. They were released later on as a ‘sign of peace’ at Tiananmen Square.(source)

5 Man Invents Pill To Make Farts Smell Like Chocolate

Christian Poincheval: He's invented a pill that makes farts smell of chocolate
Christian Poincheval. Image source

A 65 year French inventor has found a way to fix smelly flatulence. Christian Poincheval, mortified by personal events, has been working for eight years now – making farts smell better. This new formulation comes from the creator of Lutin Malin, a one-of-a-kind pill that eases digestion and causes rose and violet ‘aromatic’ farts. Poincheval has a long list of customers and sells hundreds of bottles per month.(source)


6 Doctors remove  232 teeth from Indian boy’s mouth

Image source

17 year old Ashiq Gavai had trouble swallowing and felt puffiness. What started out as gradual jaw pain turned out to be Composite Odontoma, a benign tumor found in one part of the jaw. Normally affects the upper jaw, but in this case, it was the opposite and more than 232 teeth of various sizes had to be pulled out. The hospital has forwarded the case to Guinness Book of World Records for the most teeth extracted from a single person. (source)

7 This Teenager Hid A Gun In Her Privates

Dallas Archer
Image source: www.huffpost.com

Guns and Teenagers are a huge no-no. This young lady was originally caught driving with an expired license. Dallas Archer, 19, was arrested and taken into custody where a routine search exposed an ‘unknown object’ in her privates. After a ‘bathroom’ check-up, the cops found a loaded 4-inch revolver in her vag*na. She was slapped with weapon and contraband charges, while the stolen North American Arms 22LR revolver got a much needed bleach bath. (source)

8 An 80 Feet Eerie Sex Toy Resembling Sculpture

80 Feet Eerie Sex Toy Resembling Sculpture "Tree"
Image source: AFP PHOTO/BERTRAND GUAY(taken from)

When American artist Paul McCarthy erected an installation titled ‘Tree’ at a contemporary art fair at Place Vendôme in the French capital, it quickly invited attention and trouble. The giant inflated sculpture was supposed to resemble a Christmas tree but it failed to generate that imagery. Instead, the people of Paris imagined it to be an enormous butt plug. The piece of art was put down by vandals and deflated. So much for abstract art. (source)

9 A Vag*na Sculpture And Someone Got Stuck In It

Weird stone sculpture
Image taken from

22 firefighters turned up at the Tübingen University Institute of Microbiology, Germany to rescue an  American exchange student caught inside a ‘female sex organ’ shaped marble sculpture. According to sources, it was either a daring contest or as one of his friends  said “just wanted to take a funny picture.” (source)

10 This Guy

Shia LaBeouf
Image source

On the Entertainment front, Shia LaBeouf had a really interesting year both on-screen and off-screen, mostly off-screen. 2014 was a terribly chaotic year for the young star, when his directorial debut, Howard Cantour.com was flaked for plagiarizing a ‘Daniel Clowes’ comic.

At the Berlin Film Festival, the eccentric actor walked the red carpet wearing a paper bag over his head sketched ” I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”. Things got out of hand at his performance art project #IAMSORRY where visitors had to choose one item from an assorted list ranging from whips to pliers and led into a room with LaBeouf seated on table with his paper bag on. Some noticed him silently crying. Back on the streets, the actor was this close to starting a fight and in another occasion, chases a homeless man around and around. It seemed he was recovering but 2014 ended with a bang when Shia LaBeouf claimed he was raped during his performance art project. But if this world is a stage, then Shia certainly knows how to perform. Here’s wishing him a successful recovery. (source)

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