Meet Elizabeth Sweetheart, the Green Lady of Brooklyn

by Aleena Khan2 months ago
Picture Meet Elizabeth Sweetheart, the Green Lady of Brooklyn

If you happen to pass by Elizabeth Sweetheart, it’s next to impossible not to take notice of her vibrant green aura. She goes by the name Elizabeth Sweetheart but is famous as the “Green Lady of Brooklyn.” She loves the color green. It’s so conspicuous in her fashion and furniture and deeply permeates every aspect of her life that it begs the question of why. Let’s delve into her story to find out.

Elizabeth Sweetheart hasn’t worn any other color except green for the past 25 years!

Elizabeth Sweetheart loves the color green
Elizabeth Sweetheart loves the color green. Image Credit: Greenladyofbrooklyn/

Since the year 2000, Elizabeth’s wardrobe has been exclusively green. She wasn’t exaggerating when she once said, “I’ve just become green. I can’t wear any other color.”

She has indeed become green. It’s not just her clothing and accessories that radiate with a green glow or the hair dyed to match the green hair clips, but also the interior of her house.

Elizabeth has her dog on a green leash.
Elizabeth has her dog on a green leash. Image Credit: Greenladyofbrooklyn/

From doors to stairways, sofas to saucepans, every item her house contains is adorned in green. Even the vitamin pill case is a match. And if not for her son’s intervention, her dog’s fur would have been green, too. Nevertheless, the Green Lady makes sure that she walks her dog on a green leash.

Even the tiniest little detail that no one would imagine holding her accountable for, like the color of the ink that signs her passport, is green.

While it must be hard to stick to a color theme when shopping for things, the Green Lady’s pot of dye, ready to soak garments of other colors that she buys, is of great help.


Why is the Green Lady of Brooklyn so obsessed with green?

The Green Lady of Brooklyn making coffee in her kitchen
The Green Lady of Brooklyn making coffee in her kitchen. Image Credit: Greenladyofbrooklyn/

Elizabeth Sweetheart is not a young woman caught up in a trend. She is 81 years old. Her small stature, nearly touching five feet, bubbles with amusement. She is an artist and an apparel designer who has always enjoyed wearing monochrome outfits. But once she experimented with green, she couldn’t go back to any other color.

She feels green is a happy and positive color. It reminds her of the beautiful landscapes of Nova Scotia, the place she grew up with her grandparents. She now lives in New York City, where there’s not much greenery around. So, wearing green makes her feel connected to nature and brings her joy.

But there’s also a deeper connection between her and the positive color.

Green Lady of Brooklyn is so obsessed with green
Green Lady of Brooklyn is so obsessed with green. Image Credit: Greenladyofbrooklyn/

It stems from a visit to her father’s home in Florida, a rare opportunity that she cherished immensely. There, in Florida, she was overwhelmed by the color green. It was everywhere, in the trees, the water, and the atmosphere, too.

So, she stuck with green to preserve the feelings and emotions associated with her childhood.


The Green Lady of Brooklyn has worked as a designer for some top apparel brands.

Eilzabeth collects and sells vintage materials.
Eilzabeth collects and sells vintage materials. Image Credit: Greenladyofbrooklyn/

One would think that Elizabeth is too consumed with collecting her favorite color to have time for anything else. However, she is an accomplished artist who paints tiny watercolors and has built a successful career as a designer from scratch.


The seeds to flourish as a designer were planted early in her childhood when she was taught by her grandmother to sew clothes. In her adulthood, she was mentored by the Canadian painter Alex Colville.

In 1964, she hitchhiked her way into New York from Canada to work as an artist. She soon found work in the garment industry and made her way up to hand-paint prints for top labels like Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.

Then, in 1987, she opened a design company, Sweet Pea Design Studio, and ran it successfully for 15 years. For now, she enjoys working from the comfort of her home, collecting vintage materials, and selling them to designers.

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Picture Meet Elizabeth Sweetheart, the Green Lady of Brooklyn
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