6 Mysterious Historical Crimes That Are yet To Be Solved

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Picture 6 Mysterious Historical Crimes That Are yet To Be Solved

There has been raging debate on whether the internet is good or bad for society. A lot of information can be found online: one can research their history paper; find out how to cheat on a video game and also how to commit perfect murders. Law enforcement also uses it to solve crimes but they are yet to solve these ones.

1 Ted Loseff’s suicide.

 Ted Loseff's suicide
Image Source: www.unsolved.com

Ted Loseff, a Los Angeles man was found dead in his running car, with a hose that had been fed from the tailpipe to the window and the police concluded it was suicide. His family found holes in this conclusion though. Ted never parked in the garage, he always did so out front. His suicide note was on a shirt cardboard but his maid used a hanger. The same maid claims that though ted purchased the shirt, he never wore it. Police believed that vomit they found belonged to Ted’s dogs but according to the maid, the dogs were locked up in the kennel on that week. The case was reopened as a murder but the police have yet to find the killer.

2 The unfortunate meeting of Lenny Dirickson

The unfortunate meeting of Lenny Dirickson
Image Source: www.unsolved.com

Lenny and his son, Jared, were having breakfast on 14th March 1998 on Dirickson dairy farm when a stranger pulled up their driveway in a white truck. Lenny went and greeted the stranger, then calmly told his son he would go with the stranger and return in the afternoon. To this day, Lenny has not returned.

3 The Golden Buddha case

The Golden Buddha case
Image Source: www.unsolved.com

Albert Fuchigami and Roger Roxas embarked on an expedition in 1970 after they found a treasure map that had been given to Albert by his father, an officer during World War II in the Japanese army. They followed the map to a Buddha golden depiction that weighed close to 2,000 pounds. A crack on the neck of the Buddha showed it was filled with diamonds. The Buddha was stolen in Roxas house a day later in a raid. Some people believe that the Buddha remained in Ferdinand Marcos palace. He was a dictator who ruled Philippines from 1965 to 1986.

4 The D.B Cooper case

The D.B Cooper case
Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

A passenger named Dan Cooper, bought a ticket for the Northwest Airlines Flight 305 on November 21st 1971. With him was a briefcase that had a bomb. Cooper hijacked the plane and threatened to bomb it if $200,000 was not sent to him. He received the money plus a parachute and before the plane landed in Mexico from Seattle, cooper jumped from the plane, never to be found. To date, this is the only air piracy case that remains unsolved in America.

5 The Somerton man case

The Somerton man case
Image Source: www.en.wikipedia.org

A well-dressed man was found dead on the Somerton Beach in Australia by a couple. Interestingly, his clothes labels had been removed and there was a page from the Persian book of poems, “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam” sewn on his coat lining. “Taman shud” which is Persian for “finished”, was also written on the paper. Months later, a book that had the exact same page ripped was found and with it was a code that was never cracked.

6 The Tylenol murders.

The Tylenol murders.
Image Source: www.crimemuseum.org

A girl woke up in Chicago with complaints of a cold In 1982. She was given Tylenol by her parents and died. On the same day, a mailman who had aching knees took Tylenol and died too. His sister in law and brother died too from taking the same Tylenol. Seven people were killed by Tylenol but to date, no suspect has been caught.
It’s sad, scary and strange that even with modern day detectives and the internet these crimes have yet to be solved. So, lock your doors!
[Source: www.unsolved.com]

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Picture 6 Mysterious Historical Crimes That Are yet To Be Solved
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