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Rahul – The Baby Who Suddenly Catches Himself On Fire

Did you know that there is a rare medical condition in which you can suddenly catch yourself in fire? Well as mysterious as it sounds, it is also a very rare and an unfortunate occurrence. This is the story of the Tamil Nadu baby, who was about a week old when it happened, who doctors fear suffers from this condition called spontaneous human combustion.

Rahul- Catches Himself On Fire
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It all started about a week from Rahul’s birth. Both of his parents were very exited for the birth of their first son. They already had a two-year-old daughter, and the arrival of the new born baby was very happy news for the little family. But all of this joy was about to turn into tragedy.

Rahul, baby who got spontaneous human combustion
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One afternoon when Rahul’s mother was washing her daughter, she heard one of her neighbours shout “Your baby is on fire!”, and at about the same time, she heard baby Rahul screaming inside the hut. She rushed inside the house and witnessed a sight she would never forget, she saw that her baby was literally on fire.

Rajeshwari, the mother of the baby, said to New York Times that the baby had flames on his belly and his right knee. Rajeshwari and her husband immediately rushed the baby into a hospital. To everyone’s relief baby Rahul was treated at the hospital and made a full recovery, and the parents were very relieved that nothing worse happened. The couple hoped that this would never happen again, and returned home with baby Rahul. But oddly enough this bizarre event occurred again, not once, but three more times!

Rahul with her mother
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According to the couple, the last incident took place about a couple of months back, with the baby suffering from first and second-degree burns. These events have caused the family to even move out of the village, due to their neighbors fearing that the baby could start a serious fire.

The couple then took the child to be examined at a hospital in Chennai, and the doctors feared the worse, Baby Rahul might be suffering from the rare condition called spontaneous human combustion.


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