36 Movie Mistakes So Bad You Won’t Believe You Missed Them

by Shivam Khandelwal2 years ago
Picture 36 Movie Mistakes So Bad You Won’t Believe You Missed Them

Even some of the greatest movies are not completely error-free. There are some-or-the-other goofs like revealing a camera, factual errors, and continuity mistakes in movies, but we just don’t happen to notice them. Here is a list of 36 such movie mistakes so bad you won’t believe you missed them

1 Dr. Strange: Crew member caught in the act

Dr. Strange
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

At about 56 minutes and six seconds of the film, a mysterious man appears in the background. He is surely not one of the cast or a being from another dimension. He is one of the crew members of the movie who accidentally found himself in the shot through a reflection from one of the glass pieces. (source)

2 The Shining: Shadow of a helicopter

The Shining mistake
Image credit: Peregrine Productions

The opening scenes in The Shining (1980) are full of sweeping helicopter shots that are on the search for Jack Torrance’s car. The shadow of a helicopter is visible in an aerial shot in Glacier National Park in one of these scenes. The camera operator, Jeff Blyth’s, take on the goof is that they were least concerned about the shadows of the helicopter. However, he too was surprised by the shadow after the movie’s release. (source)


3 Raiders of the Lost Ark: Paul Freeman eats a fly

Raiders of the Lost Ark mistake
Image credit: Paramount Pictures Studios

In the first Indiana Jones, movie actor Paul Freeman appears to have eaten a fly to save his lines. The fly makes a cameo in the movie when Indy confronts Belloq and his Nazi counterparts from the top of a canyon. The insect did land on Freeman’s chin during the take but he never ate it. The actor managed to not lose his character and completed the scene. In jest, the production team intentionally edited the frames such that the fly appears to go into Freeman’s mouth. (source)

4 Dead Ringers: Jeremy Irons fades away

Dead Ringers mistake
Image credit: Morgan Creek Productions

Irons plays the role of two identical twins in the 1998’s Dead Ringers. One of the twins in a movie scene fades away in pure oblivion. This indeed is a poor editing mistake.


5 Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence holds her bow incorrectly

Hunger Games mistake
Image credit: Color Force

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games has some amazing archery shots. She learned her skills from an archery coach Khatuna Lorig who is a five-time Olympian and Olympic medalist. However, her grip on the hand that holds the bow shows a finger on the arrow which isn’t safe. She also has her knuckles around the bowstring which is incorrect. Her backhand should be flat and relaxed and the bowstring must be closer to the first joint of her fingers. (source)

6 Quantum of Solace: Fake Sweeping

Quantum of Solace mistake
Image credit: Columbia Pictures

In the Quantum of Solace (2008) movie from the James Bond series, there is a scene in which an extra in the background is fake sweeping the floor. It is one of the scenes where Bond is sitting on his motorcycle.


7 Forrest Gump: Mello Yello can that didn’t exist

Forrest Gump mistake
Image credit: The Tisch Company

Gump conducts his shrimping attempts in the movie in 1974. In one of the scenes involving his shrimping business, a Mello Yello can be seen. However, the drink was introduced in 1979, and the logo on the can was revised even later in 1989. (source)

8 Ocean’s 8: JPEG extension in streaming video

Ocean's 8 mistake
Image credit: Warner Bros

The 2018’s heist film has a live streaming video that has JPEG as an extension.


9 Jurassic Pak: Misspelled Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus

Jurassic Park mistake
Image credit: Universal Pictures

Jurassic Park (1993) essentially revolves around dinosaurs and the scientists in the movie were skilled geneticists. Despite having a professional background they misspelled Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus on the cryogenic storage containers.

10 Fight Club: Meatloaf’s fallen pants

Fight Club mistake
Image Credit: Fox 2000 Pictures

This is the part when Ed Norton’s character “destroys something beautiful” where everyone is wearing waiter clothes and exits into a parking lot. As everyone’s running through the door, Meatloaf’s character could be seen in the background with his fallen pants. After looking closely you can see the pads and stuff on his legs.

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Picture 36 Movie Mistakes So Bad You Won’t Believe You Missed Them
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