Watch This Amazing Time Lapse View of The Earth As Seen From The International Space Station

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Incredible videos have been made with photos from the International Space Station but none is quite like this one.

“This is Our Planet” was created by Tomislav Safundžic using photos and videos he took from the Image Science and Analysis Laboratory at the NASA-Johnson Space Center. He is a photography and video enthusiast from Croatia. He pieced together the photos and videos, to produce a wonderful time-lapse video that shows the earth as viewed from the International Space Station. Edited by the XX to “intro”, the video shows a spectacular view of the planet, stars, aurora, thunderstorms, night lighting and some parts of the ISS.

'This Is Our Planet' Video
Image courtesy: NASA-Johnson Space Center

The ISS orbits the earth at approximately 250 miles altitude on average. It travels at 17,500 miles per hour and averages 16 trips in a day.
Safundžic has many amazing photos on his page and you can check them out. You can also watch “The Journey Home”, a video created by Col. Ron Garan after he spent 178 days in space. It also includes time spent aboard the ISS.

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Picture Watch This Amazing Time Lapse View of The Earth As Seen From The International Space Station
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