Planet Earth Is You – A 4 minutes Video That Will Change Your Life

by Unbelievable Facts10 years ago

Every once in a while, we should stop and reflect on what our role is on this planet. We should assume direct responsibility of its well being and health. Every act we exercise in our society and environment contributes to our conditions as human beings. We should learn to respect, love and take full responsibility for our acts because they define us. Understanding this helps us start seeing the planet as ours. It belongs to each one of us and we should take our obligations as citizens of this world seriously.

We as human beings have become indifferent about our planet. We are destroying it piece by piece without a care about tomorrow. You can watch this video and take action or watch it and ignore depending on how you want our future planet to look like. For some of us, something inside us will be awaken that will push us to begin the much needed changes needed.

The planet has been a great host for us and we should not continue to keep quiet. We should recognize it, speak out about it and prevent the many killings. Our capacity to think, build and help should prevent us from ignoring, destroying and killing.

Global awareness has been expanding like never before in the last years and this is an exciting and important time on our planet. Humanity has been thrust into a consciousness of evolution that is exceptional. The time is now to remember who we are, why we are on this planet, what we are doing and how we can change it for the better.

The sole purpose of this video is to raise awareness among humans on the state of our planet. It is a reminder that there is still time for us to do something about it. There is time for us to act. We should not let our indifference about the world take over. Let us help conserve our planet.

This powerful video was made by Carlos Chavira and shared on his You Tube page. Some of the images are graphic but the video is powerful. Share this message because there is still time to save our planet.

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Picture Planet Earth Is You – A 4 minutes Video That Will Change Your Life
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