A YouTuber Intruded and Walked at New York Fashion Week Wearing a Trash Bag Outfit!

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Picture A YouTuber Intruded and Walked at New York Fashion Week Wearing a Trash Bag Outfit!

New York Fashion Week is a major global event that attracts media and fashion enthusiasts. Over the years, there have been a few incidents of people invading fashion shows. But YouTuber Fred Beyer elevated the whole game to a new level as he crashed the fashion show wearing a trash bag outfit!  What’s funny is that the audience didn’t even notice that he was not a model until security chased him away! How did he get in and manage to pull off such a prank at NYFW? Let’s find out.

Fred Beyer, the Imposter, Slayed the Ramp-Walk Until  Security Intervened

Security guard chasing Fred Beyer
Security guard chasing Fred Beyer. Image Credit: Fred Beyer/Youtube.com

Fred Beyer, a 21-year-old YouTuber known for his pranks and with over 300,000 subscribers, decided to make a major splash at New York Fashion Week 2023. The Florida native crashed the event and posted the prank video on his YouTube channel. What made it even more unusual was that he walked down the runway dressed in a bizarre way. Fred made a bold fashion statement by donning a trash bag, pink shorts, and a shower cap as his outfit and even walked like a professional model.

The security guard, after chasing Fred out, burst into laughter
The security guard, after chasing Fred out, burst into laughter. Image Credit: Fred Beyer/Youtube.com

While walking down the runway, he frequently glanced behind, expecting security to chase him away, but the audience didn’t seem to even notice that something was out of place with the model’s outfit! The audience not only enjoyed Fred’s walk but also enthusiastically recorded it.


However, halfway through his walk, a security guard rushed towards him and escorted him off the stage. The security guard, after chasing Fred out, couldn’t contain his laughter and was seen having a friendly chat with Fred backstage. He even revealed that he was aware of Fred’s prank. The YouTuber was taken aback because the security guard already knew about his trash bag prank. So, he went on to crash another fashion show. This time, he carried a guy on his shoulders who had helped him backstage.

How Did the Youtuber Manage to Walk the Ramp at NYFW?

Fred having a conversation with the Creator.Inc CEO
Fred having a conversation with the Creator.Inc CEO- Andrew Bachman. Image Credit: Fred Beyer/Youtube.com

On the day the YouTuber crashed the fashion show, he dressed formally and pretended to be an official. He got inside unnoticed as he followed a group of people. As soon as he got backstage, a man, possibly a crew member, recognized him. Fred advised him to keep it low because he didn’t want to attract any attention before the iconic prank. The man said that he was going to help Fred in any way he could.

When he introduced Fred to Andrew Bachman, the CEO of Creators Inc. (whose show Fred was planning to crash), Andrew recognized Fred from a previous prank he pulled in 2022 at another creators’ event in Orlando. The man had witnessed the chaos he had created back then. So, indeed, Andrew was enraged and said that Fred had ruined his life in 2022.


However, with the help of a model who was an admirer of Fred, Andrew was convinced not to kick Fred out. Andrew further stated that if the security officers became suspicious, he would vouch for Fred by saying he was a member of their team. Before his viral prank, the YouTuber had fun conversations with many models and other crew members backstage and attended a fashion show from the front row, being his goofy self.

The YouTuber Admitted that it Was Purely for Fun

Fred Beyer shaking hands with Ye
Fred Beyer before shaking hands with Ye (Kanye West) while being snapped by the audience. Image Credit: Fred Beyer/Youtube.com

One video begins showing Fred Beyer shaking hands with Ye (Kanye West) while being snapped by the audience.

In his YouTube video, Fred asks a crew member for permission to crash the show because he thinks it would be funny to be an intruder in a fashion show. The crew member was not onboard initially, but he agreed eventually. And that’s how Fred was allowed to go ahead with his prank. Netizens not only found Fred’s fashion show prank funny but also took the opportunity to criticize the current state of the fashion industry, saying that his outfit was way better than many other outfits worn on that day.


This is not the first time the YouTuber has pulled a prank like this. He has several viral prank videos under his belt. He has even dared to pull pranks on police officers!  Would you dare to pull off pranks like Fred does?

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Picture A YouTuber Intruded and Walked at New York Fashion Week Wearing a Trash Bag Outfit!
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