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At Nearly 7 Miles Depth, The Mariana Trench Has Some Of The Scariest, Most Bizarre Creatures

8. Telescope octopus

Telescope octopus
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This octopus has an incredible vision range due to its rotatable eyes that are on top of its long movable stalks. It appears ghost-like due to its transparent body.


9. Barreleye

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It’s mostly found at depths of 2000 feet and is most notable for its highly sensitive eyes and transparent head. The barreleye has green lenses found above each of its eyes. These allow it to filter any light that makes it to those depths of the sea and helps it focus on the lights from its prey. Cunning creature!

10. Viper Fish

Viper Fish
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The viperfish has teeth so long they can’t fit in its own mouth! They instead curve back towards its eyes. It’s found at 5,000 feet and to take out prey, it swims at high speeds and impales the victim using its fangs. They only grow to 12 inches in length but look terrifying.


11. Fangtooth


The fangtooth has the largest teeth known in the ocean. Despite its fearsome weaponry, however, if it veered closer to the surface, it would be food for the tuna since it only grows to six inches in size.

12. Hirondellea Gigas

Hirondellea Gigas
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They live in the deepest parts of the sea. Swarms of up to two inches long are found at 30,000 feet where food can rarely be found. They feed on plant and tree debris that make it to the sea bottom. They also digest what other fish consider trash using special enzymes produced in their guts.


13. Ping-Pong Tree Sponge

 Ping-Pong Tree Sponge
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They can be found at 9,000 feet and are carnivorous. The ping-pong tree can grow to a height of 20 inches.  They may not look dangerous on sight but they have tiny hair hooks that they use to catch small creatures passing by. Cells in the sponge, then slowly move towards the prey and digest it.

14. Enypniastes

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The enypniastes is a sea cucumber that lives at 16,400 feet. The mouth is the red area and around it are tentacles that scoop up from the sea floor, edible mud. It leaves nothing to the imagination as you can see.


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