A Norwegian Man Sets a New World Record with a Daring 40.5-Meter Døds Dive into Ice-Cold Waters

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Picture A Norwegian Man Sets a New World Record with a Daring 40.5-Meter Døds Dive into Ice-Cold Waters

While most people spend the chilly winter months bundled up inside, tucked in a bed, one extreme athlete was out to make a splash by taking a plunge like no other. On a frigid December morning, adrenaline junkie Ken Stornes suited up for what would become his most daring feat yet. He broke the Døds diving world record straight into ice-cold waters!

Are you wondering how Døds diving is different from regular diving and why Ken’s new world record is so exceptional? Let us find out.

The 35-Year-Old Ken Stornes Broke the Døds Diving World Record on December 3, 2023

Ken Stornes shared a spine-chilling video of him doing the record-breaking Døds diving on Instagram on 3 December 2023. In the video, the Norwegian diver could be seen diving 40.5 meters off a cliff into chilling water from a cliff in the Norwegian town of Stryn!


Stornes could be seen standing on top of a makeshift platform at a cliff’s edge. Before jumping off the cliff, he threw down a rock into the water below to demonstrate the height. Soon after the rock touched the water down below, Stornes took right off into the water from an unbelievable height.

As soon as Stones executed the unbelievable jump, his teammates stationed down below rushed over to check on his condition. Nevertheless, the man successfully broke the previous Døds diving world record without even a single injury. He was soon taken to the shore in the town of Stryn, which was the town closest to where he broke the record.

Ken Stornes
Ken Stornes. Image Credit: Kenstornes/Instagram.com

Stornes picked the diving location while looking for a perfect spot for breaking the previous Døds diving world record during the summer of 2023. While he thinks that his jumping technique through the air might not have been that optimized, his landing following a 40-meter leap was flawless.


Now that Stornes has surpassed the 40-meter Døds diving feat, the Internet is wondering whether a dive could be made from an even greater height. However, Stornes doesn’t believe that it’s possible to make a 50-meter dive without sustaining a serious injury. According to him, going beyond this height seems unrealistic.

Extreme Sports Is Not New to the Self-Proclaimed Modern “Viking Man”


Extreme sports are not new to Ken Stornes
Extreme sports are not new to Ken Stornes. Image Credit: Kenstornes/Instagram.com

Ken Stornes was born in the coastal Norwegian town of Harstad. After serving in the military, he transitioned to a career in MMA fighting. Today, Stornes is known as an extreme sports daredevil.


Stornes maintains a massive social media following of over 790,000 Instagram fans. He regularly shares updates and behind-the-scenes videos of his life as an extreme sports athlete on his social media handle. His posts often document scenic landscapes near his Norwegian home in addition to daring diving stunts.

As the first person to make a successful Døds dive from over 40 meters, setting new standards pushes Stornes to feel alive. Setting world records is nothing new for Stornes. Not just that, the previous Døds diving world of 31 meters (102 feet) was also created by Ken Stornes on 21 August 2021.


The Evolution of Døds Diving from Frognerbadet Pool Stunts to International Competition

Døds Diving
Ken Stornes has further solidified his Viking persona with a smaller yet still impressively high jump into a snow-surrounded pool. Image Credit: Kenstornes/Instagram.com

During the early 1970s, youth from across Oslo would gather and compete at Frognerbadet pool, performing daring stunts diving off a 10-meter platform. This led to the advent of a new style of diving sport in 1972, known as “Døds diving.” The sport was further popularized by local rock musician Erling Bruno Hovden.


Following the increased popularity of the sport, the International Døds Federation was formed to organize, promote, and regulate competitions. They run the annual Døds Diving World Tour and World Championship. Since 2008, the World Championship has been held each year in Oslo, drawing the best Døds divers from around the globe.

The Døds Federation has been awarding the “Bruno” annually since 2012. The award is named in memory of Erling Bruno Hovden, the pioneer of this extreme sport. The award recognizes either a spectacular classic Døds dive or an outstanding achievement in the sport.

Døds diving has become so popular over the years that it is now broadcasted nationally in Norway and internationally on channels like ESPN, making history for the daring divers.

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Picture A Norwegian Man Sets a New World Record with a Daring 40.5-Meter Døds Dive into Ice-Cold Waters
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