Did You Know That Unhealthy Food Cravings Are A Sign Of Mineral Deficiencies?

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Picture Did You Know That Unhealthy Food Cravings Are A Sign Of Mineral Deficiencies?

We have all had that craving for unhealthy foods, like chocolate or salty snacks, but on eating them, the craving does not end. So, what message is our body sending us?
Cravings for unhealthy foods are very intense. Our bodies demand to have them and we so willingly and happily oblige. We crave for chocolates, refined carbs, donuts or sweets but after we eat, the craving does not end. Are our bodies trying to play jokes or what?

Unhealthy Food Cravings Are A Sign Of Mineral Deficiencies
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Well, science has discovered that these cravings are an indication that our bodies need certain minerals. They can easily be found in unhealthy foods but are more helpful if gotten from whole foods. The cravings are bound to end once we take the minerals from natural sources, where the nutrients have been optimized for superior absorption.

Chocolate: magnesium

Lack of magnesium causes chocolate cravings. Recent statistics show that up to 80 percent of Americans lack this essential macro mineral, needed for more than 300 body biochemical reactions. This includes reactions that are related to relaxation. “Relaxation Mineral” is the nickname for Magnesium since its deficiency symptoms include irritability, anxiety, high blood pressure and insomnia.

This is why after taking a bar of chocolate, you temporarily feel better. Cacao content in the chocolate provides small amounts of magnesium that relaxes. Healthier choices would include seeds, nuts, dark leafy greens, blackstrap molasses and beans. They will get rid of the chocolate craving.

Sugary foods: carbon, chromium, sulfur, carbon and/or tryptophan.

High sugar foods (in the West) are the second commonly reported craving. This craving is the most complex since not less than five deficiencies could be causing it. They include: phosphorous that helps in the production of energy, carbon an element used to make sugar, Sulfur that aids in getting rid of toxins and chromium that helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Including foods like Broccoli, calves liver, fresh fruits, poultry, vegetables and legumes could reduce these cravings.

Refined carbohydrates: nitrogen

Cravings for bread and pasta (refined carbs), denotes nitrogen deficiency. Nitrogen compounds are essential components of proteins and nucleic acids. A deficiency in this could result to malnutrition caused by a related protein deficiency. It would help if you included nitrogen-rich foods in your diet. Fruits and Vegetables are rich in this although most organic or non-organic foods contain nitrogen.

Coffee and tea: A deficiency for phosphorous, sulfur, Iron and/or NaC1 (salt)

Eat foods like chicken, fish, dairy, nuts, legumes, egg yolks, muscle protein, garlic, onion, sea salt, meat, seaweed, black cherries and greens.

Oily and fatty foods craving: This signals a calcium deficiency. 

Include cheese, raw milk, broccoli and turnip greens in your diet.

Ice cravings: you have an iron deficiency. 

Eat foods like meat, leafy greens, sea vegetables and blackstrap molasses that are rich in iron.

Salty foods: You have a silicon and/or chloride deficiency.

Include nuts, fish and seeds in your diet.
[Source: www.eatwiseteens.org]

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Picture Did You Know That Unhealthy Food Cravings Are A Sign Of Mineral Deficiencies?
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