The daring video of a man who proposed to his girlfriend 10,000 ft in the air.

by Samir Franklin9 years ago

The art of sky diving is always a daunting task for everyone, whether the person is an expert or a novice. People sky dive for numerous reasons ranging from the experience, the need for adrenaline, the need to see the world and its landscape from up top among many reasons. Devices such as Gopro cameras helps one to save the memory of the experience one gets from sky diving and a host of other daunting task such as mounting climbing, gliding, skyscraper climbing etc. On record a lot have been done during sky diving, but in this article you would find out about something pretty unusual, but none the less amazing.

Now with concept of dating a person you love for a considerable amount of time there comes a sense of proposal, that is to say getting that individual to commit to you for the rest of your life on planet earth, and that is done traditionally on the surface of the earth, until the story of Brandon Strohben.

Brandon woke up one lovely morning, looked up to the sunny sky and decided that the time was right to propose to his beautiful girlfriend Nicole Nepomuceno,while sky diving 10,000 fit in the air,with the whole experience being captured on his Gopro camera. In this video you get to see how ballistic the process was, how his girlfriend was filled with joy by the skydiving, the proposal and the creativity of proposing during the skydiving process. Safe to say Brandon is a man of action in how he went about his business of proposing, as he gave her the option of saying nothing but yes. That’s right folks she said yes, guess you only live once it seems.
[source: GoPro]

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Picture The daring video of a man who proposed to his girlfriend 10,000 ft in the air.
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