10 People Who Underwent a Significant Career Change

by Neha Bansal1 year ago
Picture 10 People Who Underwent a Significant Career Change

It’s normal for people to change their professions to keep up with changing trends or their personal needs. We’ve heard stories of how a professional teacher who is also an expert baker found success and happiness in baking delicious goodies rather than imparting knowledge. We have also seen many of our favorite movie stars become successful politicians later in life. The world no longer functions with the mindset, ‘Once a teacher, always a teacher.” Today, people make noteworthy career changes and find greater success and contentment in different careers. While we can digest most of these successful switches, here is a list of 10 brave-hearted individuals who underwent a significant career change and shocked everyone!

1 Olalla Oliveros quit her profession as a model to choose the path of the Lord by becoming a nun.

Olalla Oliveros
Olalla Oliveros former Model turned Nun. Image Credit: lainformacion.com

Olalla Oliveros was a well-known model who was born in Madrid, Spain. In her early twenties, she began modeling by posing for numerous photo assignments and participating in films. She was famous for her remarkable beauty and could be seen on billboards and in magazines everywhere in Spain. After a few years, however, she chose to change her career path and devote her life to the church.

Oliveros joined the Order of Saint Michael and became a nun. She abandoned her luxurious lifestyle and designer clothes in favor of a more modest way of life, complete with blue sackcloth and veil. She said that she had been called by God and found a better sense of purpose in serving the poor.

Oliveros rose to prominence after taking her vows as a nun for her work with the Order of Saint Michael, which concentrated on assisting the poor and underprivileged in Madrid. She was commended for her modesty and devotion to the church. Despite leaving the modeling industry, Oliveros’ decision to become a nun made headlines all around the world, and her tale has inspired many people to follow a more spiritual route in life. (source)


2 Martha Stewart, a former model turned Wall Street stockbroker, became a celebrity gourmet cook.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart. Image Credit: Martha Stewart/Facebook

Martha Stewart, born in 1941 in Jersey City, New Jersey, was a model and Wall Street stockbroker before starting a career path that would make her a national figure. She grew up in a family where cooking, gardening, and other domestic hobbies were prized. She went to Barnard College and afterward worked as a model for a short time.

Despite her great beauty, Stewart realized that her modeling career was limited, so she pursued a career in banking. Stewart began her career on Wall Street as a stockbroker. But she had a revelation after five years of crunching figures and sitting through interminable meetings: her actual passion was gourmet food and creative presentation.

She began a catering business in 1982, which led to the publication of her first book, Entertaining, in the same year. The book was a big hit, and it was quickly followed by others on cooking, gardening, and home decorating. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Stewart’s media empire, was launched in 1997 and featured a magazine, television shows, and a website. She has established a home and cookware collection that is available in major retail outlets. Stewart’s career was derailed in 2004 when she was convicted of insider trading and sentenced to five months in prison.


Stewart jumped into a realm where she would be known not for her beauty or commercial savvy but for her culinary masterpieces and homemaking tips. She turned her love into a media empire, building a brand synonymous with flair, elegance, and excellent taste. Stewart is now an inspiration to everybody who has ever wanted to make a career change. (source)

3 Gary Stocker, a millionaire lawyer, gave up his career to become a human cannonball.

Gary Stocker
Gary Stocker Lawyer to Human Cannonball. Image Credit: BBC

Gary Stocker is an Oxford-based former academic law writer and legal recruitment officer who left his privileged lifestyle to join a traveling circus. He was born in a tiny town in the United Kingdom in 1983 to middle-class parents.

Stocker graduated from Oxford University with a law degree and began his legal career as an academic law writer. He eventually worked as a lawyer recruiter, earning a six-figure salary. He lived in a multi-million-dollar mansion and led a luxurious life until he realized he was dissatisfied and unfulfilled in his job.

Stocker decided to pursue his dream of becoming a circus performer in 2014. He became a human cannonball after joining the Circus of Horrors. This entailed being shot from a cannon and traveling at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour before landing in a safety net.


Stocker completed his first human cannonball act in front of a live audience after months of intensive training. He instantly became a fan favorite and stayed with the Circus of Horrors for several years.

Stocker has since left the Circus of Horrors to pursue a new profession as a motivational speaker. He tells his tale to encourage others to chase their aspirations and take risks. (source)

4 Gwen, an engineer, turned successful puppeteer.

Gwen Dean, a former operations engineer, received global recognition in 2014 after she quit her job during a Super Bowl commercial. Dean was born in a tiny town in Pennsylvania and graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating, she began working as an operations engineer for a refrigeration company, where she stayed for 18 years. Dean also followed her love of puppet-making during her time there, which she honed through Internet tutorials and trial-and-error.

Dean decided to take a risk and pursue her ambition of running her own puppet-making business in 2014. She applied to Intuit, the developer of Quickbooks, for a chance to advertise her company during a Super Bowl commercial break. She was chosen as one of four finalists, and her commercial played during the third quarter of the game, announcing her retirement from her position.


Dean’s life changed radically after the commercial aired. She earned national media exposure, and her puppet-making company, Puppetsburg, grew in popularity. Puppetsburg is now a thriving business that provides children with entertainment and educational services through puppet shows and workshops. Dean has also written a book about puppetry called The Art of Puppets and How to Make Them. (source)

5 Joe Cross, a fat, sick, and highly obese finance broker, becomes a successful wellness coach.

Joe Cross
Joe Cross. Image Credit: Joe Cross/ Facebook

Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur, author, and filmmaker who transitioned into a successful wellness coach after a major career change. Cross grew up in Australia and worked as a finance broker for many years before making a drastic life change.

Cross was motivated to make a change after becoming overweight and suffering from a chronic autoimmune illness. He decided to take a bold approach to his health and traveled the world for several months, drinking only juice. He chronicled his experience in the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” which became a worldwide sensation and encouraged millions of people to live healthier lives.


Cross founded a wellness coaching business and wrote numerous books after the documentary’s popularity, including The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet and Juice It to Lose It. He has also been a keynote speaker at a number of health and wellness events and has appeared on a number of media channels.

Joe Cross is now a successful entrepreneur, author, and filmmaker who has transformed the lives of thousands of people through his coaching programs and books. (1, 2)

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Picture 10 People Who Underwent a Significant Career Change
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