10 Reportedly Haunted Places From Around the World

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Picture 10 Reportedly Haunted Places From Around the World

We cannot go long without talking or even thinking about ghosts, spirits, paranormal activities, and similar topics. These subjects have always been and probably would be the focus of our conversations once in a while. Also, it is unsure if we voluntarily think about those ideas or they occur to us from the complete unknown. What’s scarier than this, though, is the following list of 10 reportedly haunted places from around the world.

1 Aradale Mental Hospital 

Aradale Mental Hospital or Ararat Lunatic Asylum was an Australian psychiatric hospital where patients have had experienced and felt the presence of ghosts. It sheltered mentally ill patients for 126 years since 1865 where they went through grueling treatment techniques.

Aradale Mental Hospital
Abandoned Aradale Mental Hospital – Ararat Australia. Image credit: Shutterstock

 Aradale Mental Hospital was Victoria’s first hospital for the mentally ill. It is situated in the rural village of Ararat in western Victoria and is nearly a two hours drive from Melbourne. 

Aradale Mental Hospital
Long corridor inside Mental Hospital (Image to the left), Corpse storage fridge in Abandoned Aradale Mental Hospital. Image credit: Shutterstock

Now the hospital has empty corridors and abandoned grounds, resembling that of a film set of a post-apocalyptic horror movie.

This and two other similar hospitals at Kew and Beechworth were built to serve the increasing number of lunatics in the Victorian colony of Australia.

One of the nurses of the hospital mentioned that it admitted both intellectually handicapped and mentally ill patients. These were the people who were generally incapable of fitting into normal society.

At times the patients were treated brutally using restraint and electroshock therapy.

The place ceased to be an asylum in 1998 and became a campus of the Melbourne Polytechnic in 2001. (1, 2)


2 Monte Cristo Homestead 

The place maintains itself to be “Australia’s most haunted house.” The reasons for such claims lie in the tragic history of several sets of people who lived there. First, it was the owner’s wife who spent her life in solitary after her husband’s death. His death was followed by the unusual deaths of a maid, a woman, and a boy.

Monte Cristo Homestead
Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee, New South Wales. Image credit: Bidgee via Wikimedia.org

The Monte Cristo Homestead can be found on a hill just outside the town of Junee in South Wales. This isolated Victorian-style manor was built by a farm owner, Christopher Crawley, in 1884. Crawly died in 1910 and the mansion was handed over to his wife, Elizabeth.

She was allegedly observed stepping outside of the house only two times before her death. She became a recluse and dedicated all of her time to the Holy Bible. It is said that Mrs. Crawley’s ghost is still present in the house and haunts it.

There are more horrifying incidents associated with the manor. One is the death of the maid who fell from the balcony, and the bloody steps marking the place she fell.

The coach house is said to be haunted by the death of a boy who was burned alive by his master. Then there is a man named Harold who is believed to wander the grounds. He was chained in the cottage for 40 years and was found curled up to his mother’s dead body. (1, 2)


3 North Head Quarantine Station

Since the early 1990s, the North Head Quarantine Station had been conducting ghost tours. The place is considered one of Australia’s most haunted sites, haunted by the ghosts of migrants who inhabit it as their final resting place. These hundreds of voyagers suffered from atrocious journeys and caught deadly infectious diseases before dying.

North Head Quarantine Station
Image credit: Shutterstock

The North Head Quarantine Station shares 277 hectares of land with other associated buildings and facilities. The location of the place is near Manly, which is in New South Wales, Australia.               

North Head Quarantine Station
The historic site of the Quarantine station on Sydney’s North Head is well preserved from colonization times. Image credit: Shutterstock

It was reported that corpses of more than 572 travelers are buried in the North Head Quarantine Station or the “Q Station.”

For more than 150 years between 1828 and 1982, the place saw uncountable tragic stories. The themes of the stories were mostly grief, pain, loss, and suffering of the spirits of the deceased who continue to haunt the Q Station.

Now, the Station features multiple, ghost tours on the property for a fee. Some of them are Family Fright Night, Halloween Scream, Ghostly Encounters, and Spirit Investigator. (1, 2, 3)


4 Alexander Theatre

Initially seen as an opera house, the Alexander Theatre was built in 1879 in Helsinki, Russia. The Theatre is reportedly haunted by a phantom that died during the Crimean War. It is said that he tagged along with the bricks that were imported from Aland, also the place where the soldier died.

Alexander Theatre
Alexander Theatre in Helsinki. Image credit: KFP via Wikimedia.org

The haunted Theatre in Helsinki is built by the then governor-general of Russian Finland, Count Nikolay Adleberg. However, the building was permitted by Russia’s Alexander II.

The construction concluded by October 1879, and the Theatre was named after Tsar Alexander II the next February. The grand opening was on 30 March 1880.

The place is used for multiple guest stage performances since 1993. Other than being a theatre, the fort also serves as an office, rehearsal facility, dance studio, and a place for different companies.

The bricks, tiles, and the haunting ghost came from a different place, Aland. It is believed that the phantom opens the doors of the Theatre by itself. (1, 2)


5 Borgvattnet Vicarage 

Borgvattnet Vicarage is a small country place in northern Sweden where locals have reportedly encountered ghosts, have heard abnormal sounds, and noticed moving objects. The place is used as an inn and restaurant, though it is apparently one of the most haunted places in the country.

Borgvattnet Vicarage
Image credit: Shutterstock

The place was initially built for holy men in 1876, but it was only after 1927 when residents reported paranormal activities. The residence continued to haunt every new vicar and their family for almost a decade.

There are hearsays of disturbing tragedies that happened with the vicars. It is said that babies were buried in the backyard, and the maids were abused. On several occasions, people have noticed moving objects, have heard screams and saw rocking chairs. However, some also maintain that the old vicars are the ones to haunt the place.

During the early 1980s, this spooky house caught the attention of a heroic ghost priest, Tore Forslund. He promised the residents of the village he could exorcise the ghostly presence at the place and even capitalized on his claims. Forslund miserably failed and fled within a year.

The vicarage is now open for curious fellows who wish to rent the place for a night. (Source)

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Picture 10 Reportedly Haunted Places From Around the World
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