10 Strange Things Found Frozen in the Ice

by Shivam Khandelwal3 years ago
Picture 10 Strange Things Found Frozen in the Ice

We as humans have inhabited the Earth for millions of years, but we still don’t know everything about it. One of the reasons why this is so evident is that we’ve always discovered bizarre things on Earth. These alien things are definitely not useless because they have a huge historical and scientific value. Professionals spend years researching these findings which helps humanity learn more about themselves, other species, and a variety of novel things. The cold stretches of glaciers are no exception to such findings and enough strange things have been found frozen in the ice. The following is the list of 10 such discoveries that will leave you awestruck.

1 Abandoned five crates of 100-year-old Mackinlay whiskey were discovered in Antarctica in 2006.

Sir Shackleton's case of whiskey
Sir Shackleton’s case of whiskey. Image credits: maltsethoublons.com

The crates were found in a hut of the explorer Ernest Shackleton and contained a total of 11 bottles of Scotch Whiskey. They were all wrapped with paper and straw in order to protect the bottles. It was surely one rough trip of Shackleton to Antarctica in 1907.

The liquid inside the bottles was, of course, frozen due to the extremely cold conditions, but the whiskey could be heard splattering when the bottles were brought to room temperature.

The precious findings are obviously stored since it is historically significant, but a sample was given to Scottish distiller Whyte and Mackay. Master Blenders are also going to be privileged enough to examine the sample and see if they can study and use some useful information about the recipe.

The bottles were later examined by scientists from New Zealand, and surprisingly, they found the alcohol in the whisky still intact. (1, 2)


2 A woolly mummified mammoth was found along the coast of Oyogos Yar, Siberia in 2010.

Yuka mammoth
Yuka mammoth. Image credits: Academy of Sciences of Yakutia via Smithsonianmag.com

The name of this mammoth cub is Yuka which is based on the nearby village where she was found, Yukagir. The place where the baby mammoth was found is 30 kilometers away from the Kondratiev River.

The local Siberian tusk hunters found this juvenile woolly mammoth in 2010, and they were nice enough to hand it over to the local scientists. The scientists put initial efforts into researching for a couple of years and stored her in a refrigerator. Later, she was transported to and stored in Moscow.

Yuka was approximately six to eight years old when she died and was most probably attacked by some big cats or other predators, although this was not confirmed.

She is said to be the best-preserved mammoth in history and researchers are looking forward to cloning her. (1, 2)


3 A 100-year-old notebook of a surgeon and photographer was found trapped in a hut in Antarctica.

100-year-old notebook
Image credits: wtvr.com

The old book is said to be from the last expedition of Robert Scott in Antarctica. The book originally belonged to George Levick who was a surgeon and a photographer and was with Scott in his 1910 to 1913 expedition to Antarctica.

Scott was a British explorer and became famous during the Heroic Age of Antarctica exploration. During his return journey in March 1912, he died with his comrades.

Since the book was frozen in the ice for about 100 years, its pages were stuck together, and its bindings were dissolved. Despite that, the readable material was exciting. It had descriptions of photos George took in 1911 at Cape Adare.

The book was found by another Scott camp in January 2013. The summer snow had melted at that time, and the Cape Evans base was exposed because of it where the book was discovered. (1, 2)


4 The Glacier Girl, a P-38 aircraft, was found in Greenland buried in ice. It was dug out from the ice and restored to its optimal condition to fly.

The Glacier Girl
The Glacier Girl. Image credits: insh.world

In the midst of World War II, on 15 July 1942, six Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter planes were ordered to make an emergency landing in Greenland. The reason for that was poor weather conditions and low visibility. The airmen on the downed craft were recovered, but the aircraft was left abandoned and ended up buried under the ice.

One of these six planes was recovered 50 years later, in 1992. It was dug out from a depth of 264 feet by the Greenland Expedition Society. It took them years to recover the plane.

This background story gave her the name, “The Glacier Girl.” She was then taken to Middlesboro, Kentucky where mechanics examined her and restored her to flying condition. In October 2002, The Glacier Girl took her first flight after the recovery.

Lewis Energy’s CEO, Rodney Lewis, ultimately bought her in 2007. (1, 2)


5 A young French Alpinist discovered rare Indian jewels worth $330,000 on Mont-Blanc. The mountaineer showed some honesty and returned the valuable little crate of gemstones to the police.

Alpinist discovered rare Indian jewels worth $330,000 on Mont-Blanc
Alpinist discovered rare Indian jewels worth $330,000 on Mont-Blanc.

It all started when the two Indian Airways planes crashed, one in 1950 and the second in 1966, resulting in 117 total deaths. Authorities say that the jewels belonged to one of the passengers from one of the flights.

A Frenchman found a small metal box that was covered in ice about 50 years after the plane crash. It contained hundreds of precious diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. These jewels were packed with sachets and had markings of “Made in India,” which made clear that these belonged to someone from the flight crash of 1950 and 1966.

The alpinist was so honest that he climbed down from the peak of Mont-Blanc with his findings and headed straightway to the local police.

More searches were carried on in the nearby area to find out some evidence that might reveal the real owner of the jewels, but no clue was found. The name on the packets was even faded since it was covered in ice for five decades. Some say that the founder might be rewarded for his discovery. (1, 2, 3)

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Picture 10 Strange Things Found Frozen in the Ice
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