10 Alleged Encounters with Aliens

by Aleena Khan3 years ago

6 On 19 August 1965, a football-shaped UFO landed in Cherry Creek, New York, and was first seen by 16-year-old Harold Butcher. The 20-foot-tall and 50-foot-wide saucer made a beeping sound while releasing a red vapor. At the time of the sighting, a tractor engine had stalled and the radio went static.
Cherry creek
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On Aldrich Hill Road in Western New York, 16-year-old Harold Butcher was milking cows in a dairy farm when a Holstein bull tethered outside began to bellow. When he looked out through the window, he saw a large football-shaped flying object hovering near the ground about 400 meters away.

The silver-colored saucer was 20 feet tall and 50 feet wide and marked with dots and seams that ran in two parallel rows, vertically. It released a red vapor with a beeping sound while slowly descending. But a few seconds later, it rapidly shorted up into the clouds with a loud boom.

Other unusual things noticed by Butcher was that the radio station had turned static and a tractor engine had stalled.

People who came out of the house on the call of Harold saw a greenish glow in the sky where the UFO had disappeared.

Thirty minutes later, the object returned and was witnessed by Harold’s two brothers and a friend. The New York State Police were called in, but they didn’t find anything unusual on the ground.

However the next day, a team of  Air Force technicians found patches of singed grass and a purplish oily substance at several places.

Project Blue Book classified the sightings as “unexplained” and concluded that the phenomena “defied conventional explanation.” (1, 2)


7 On July 23, 1992, Peter Khoury encountered two strange women who tried to sexually engage with him. After the women left, he found a strand of blonde hair. DNA analysis of the strand revealed that it was of a person of a very rare Chinese race, making Khoury’s claim more believable.

Peter Khoury
Peter Khoury (Image to the left), Artistic view of the alien. Image credit: howandwhy, bibliotecapleyades

Peter Khoury has had many encounters with extra-terrestrial beings. But the one he had on July 23, 1992, stands out.

Khoury was in his bed when he saw two strange, naked women trying to sexually engage with him. One was Asian and the other Nordic in appearance. The Nordic woman abruptly vanished, leaving behind blonde hair.

What makes this story believable is that DNA analysis of the hair reveals that the hair is from an individual of a very rare Chinese race. (1, 2, 3)


8 Nick Mariana recorded the first-ever footage of an unidentified flying object on 15 August 1950 at the Legion Stadium baseball field. He saw and recorded two silvery objects with rotating bands flying over the Great Falls. After examination of the video, it was claimed that the objects were a reflection of two F-94s that were known to be flying at the time of the incident over the Falls. But Mariana refuted the claim by alleging that the initial frames were missing from the examined video.

Legion Field
Aerial view of Legion Field. Image credit: USGS Seamless Viewer via Wikimedia

Nick Mariana was inspecting the Legion Stadium baseball field when he saw a bright flash followed by two silvery objects with rotating bands.

Mariana recorded the hovering object for 16 seconds on his 16mm camera that could not record sound. According to Mariana’s testimony, the objects were flying over the Great Falls and were about 50 feet wide.

The footage of the UFOs was shown to local community groups by Mariana and was later sent for analysis to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. After a brief examination, it was concluded that the sightings were a result of reflections from two jet fighters. The F-94s were flying in the same time interval of the UFO incident, over Great Falls.

The findings of the report were challenged by Mariana who claimed that the initial thirty-five frames of his footage were missing after it was sent for analysis. It was those first few frames that clearly showed the rotating UFOs. This claim was strongly supported by people in the local area who had seen the film. (1, 2)


9 Travis Walton was abducted by extra-terrestrials when he left his truck to inspect a hovering metallic disc up close. He found himself on a table being examined by strange, small creatures. Walton fought with them and was rescued by a helmet-wearing human. When he reappeared on a highway, five days had passed since his abduction.

Travis Walton
Travis Walton (Image to the left), Fire in the Sky based on True Story. Image credits: azcentral, Travis Walton via Amazon

After their shift at the Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona, Travis Walton and six other workers were riding back home when they saw a metallic disc hovering above the ground. The glowing saucer was making strange noises.

Twenty-year-old Walton left the truck to get a closer look, but the object got louder and began to move. Terrified, he jumped back for cover but was hit with a blast of energy that threw him more than ten feet in the air. Certain of his death, his co-workers fled the scene.

He woke up on a table, being observed by strange creatures that were certainly not humans. He fought with them and was finally rescued by a human.

The human was wearing a helmet and led Walton to another room. There he blacked out and found himself walking along a highway. Five days had passed since his disappearance.

There are many skeptics that doubt his story and call it a hoax. However, the trees in the vicinity of where the UFO hovered produced 36 times more wood fiber than they had in the last 85 years. (1, 2)


10 In 1994, Meng Zhaoguao copulated with a three-meter-tall alien that had braided hair on her inner thighs. The female being appeared above his bed and straddled him above his waist. A month later, he was taken into a spaceship where aliens informed him that his son will be born in 60 years on a distant planet.

Meng Zhaoguao
Heilongjiang farmer Meng Zhaoguo is convinced he had an intimate encounter with an alien seductress who told him their offspring will appear 60 years later. Image credit: Chinadaily

It all began when Meng followed a metallic shimmering that had descended in the mountainside. Believing it to be a crashed helicopter. When he reached the wreckage, he was hit in the forehead. The blow knocked him out.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in his home with no memory of how he got there.

A few days later, he found himself in bed being straddled by a female alien. The two copulated while levitating, and after 40 minutes, the creature disappeared leaving behind a jagged mark on his leg.

A month later, he found himself in a spaceship, surrounded by aliens. They gave him the glad tidings of a son who will be born on a distant planet, 60 years later.

Though a UFO club at Wuhan University concluded that Meng’s claims may be partially untrue, other UFO groups in the country found his claims to be true. (1, 2)

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