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An American artist named Viper released 347 albums in 2014 alone that is almost one album per day

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The year 2014 was dominated by a number of unforgettable events. Be it the unrest in Ferguson or the rape allegations against Bill Cosby. All these made it to the top of the headlines, but there is one such milestone achieved by a Houston rapper which is worth mentioning.

Viper is an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. In the year 2014 alone, he has produced 347 albums almost one album per day (with an average of 15 songs per album).Difficult to believe right?

American rapper 'Viper '
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Originally know as Lee Carter, Viper has been making music since childhood.But he received widespread attention online for his 2008 mix tape You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack for which he has about 644,260 views in YouTube which is his highest.

He is known for his prolific nature of work and his commitment to self-production. He has maintained the DIY aesthetic not only in his music but also its accompanying videos and album cover. His album titles are also worth noticing; often containing aggressive sentiments such as Atomic Bombs and Mutually Assured Destruction is F**kin’ StupidF**k Tha World It Ain’t Real I Bend Tha Spoon Wit My Mind, and Kill Urself My Man.

Also, being so prolific makes it difficult for him to come up with new titles as a result of which many of his albums are sequels. For example I’m Luvin’ Dis Here Rap Money Cause It’s DifferentI’m Luvin Dis Here Rap Game… and I’m Luvin’ Dis Rap Game Money II all released in a succession.

Here’s wishing him luck for releasing many more albums this year.


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