14 Secrets of Psychology You Should Keep to Yourself!

by Tony Hayes9 years ago
Picture 14 Secrets of Psychology You Should Keep to Yourself!

Up until only fairly recently psychology and philosophy were thought to go hand in hand. It was only during the 1870s when psychology became an independent scientific discipline. Since then through multiple studies and technological advances, we have learned a great deal although still only scratched the surface. Check out these interesting psychology secrets, and make sure to share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

1 If you announce your goals to others, you are less likely to make them happen because you lose motivation, studies confirmed.

Don't reveal your goals
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There have been tests since as early as 1933 that prove that once intended goals are announced, people are less likely to follow through with them as they lose motivation. This is thought to happen because doing so satisfies a person’s self-identity just enough to prevent them from performing the hard work to achieve those goals.

2 Most people have a favorite song because they associate it with an emotional event in their lives.

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It is well known that music has a direct effect on emotion. In a  study on nine undergraduate students, it turns out that the flip side is also true – similar in a way that certain smells can remind us of moments in the past.


3 Music affects the way you perceive the world.

Music changes perception
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A new study held at the University of Groningen has shown that music has a dramatic effect on perception. The study focused especially on the ability of people to “see” happy faces and sad faces when different music tracks were listened to. Listening to particularly happy or sad music can even change the way we perceive the world.

4 Studies have shown that spending money on others provides more happiness than spending it on yourself.

Spending money on others bring more happiness
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Research performed by Harvard Business School has shown that people are actually happier when they give money to others. Of course, this should go without saying as we often anticipate how people will react to our own gifts at Christmas, more so than what gifts we may receive.


5 According to studies, you’ll be happier spending your money on experiences rather than possessions.

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Happiness has become an increasingly popular field focused on the scientific study of emotional well-being. Research has suggested that people often sacrifice things that make them happy such as vacations or going out to certain events, in order to afford possessions (such as property).

6 Kids are more highly strung today, with high school students showing the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950s.

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Approximately 49% of the general population suffer or have suffered from anxiety, depression, or substance abuse. In particular, there is proof that the collective human race is becoming more anxious every decade and there are many speculative reasons for that. For instance, people move more, have less interaction with their communities, change jobs, are less likely to get married and more likely to live alone.

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Picture 14 Secrets of Psychology You Should Keep to Yourself!
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