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Do You Dream About Teeth Falling Out? Here’s What It Means!

Dream About Teeth Falling Out

Do you often dream about teeth falling out? If so, you must have wondered about what it means. As fascinating as dreams can be, they don’t always have an apparent meaning. While some neuroscientists say they do not mean a thing, many psychologists and a surprising number of people seem to believe that dreams reveal the wishes and desires that are buried deep within our subconscious and that they can also reflect our mental and/or physical state. Whatever the truth may be, some recurrent dreams, such as the ones about teeth falling out, can leave you with questions. Here are some of the common meanings behind this particular dream.

1. Fear of Getting Older

Fear of Getting Older
Fear of Getting Older

According to J. M. Schneck, dreams about losing teeth could symbolize a fear of aging. As we get older, we take on more stress about things we would not typically pay attention to when we are young. We may even start to feel like our time is running out. These feelings get stronger when we approach our birthday. There is also no way to stop the aging process, which also takes away our control of the situation. Since the loss of teeth is associated with aging, it often appears in our dreams when we are concerned about growing older.

2. Insecurities About Appearance

Insecurities About Looks
Insecurities About Appearance

Everyone loves a great smile, and it is so closely tied to one’s attractiveness, we all crave for that perfect set of teeth. That is why when you dream about your teeth rotting away or falling out. It could mean that you are battling some insecurities about how you look. A smile is also a vital tool used in the game of flirtation, which is why losing your teeth in a dream could also symbolize the fear of rejection, especially when it comes to romantic endeavors.


3. Inferiority Complex or Losing Confidence

Inferiority complex linked to dream about teeth falling out
Inferiority complex

If you lack self-confidence or struggle with an inferiority complex, chances are these emotions will seep into your dreams in one way or another. Dream guru and psychologist, Dr. Ian Wallace, claims that having dreams about teeth falling out could symbolize your lack of confidence. In this case, your teeth may symbolize how powerful or confident you feel on the inside. If a real-life situation is causing you to feel less confident, you may have dreams about your teeth falling out.

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4. Concerns About Your Health

Health Concerns

How well we take care of ourselves can directly impact the health and quality of our teeth. If you have been neglecting your self-care routine lately, for example, if you are not eating right or getting enough exercise, chances are you might be worried about its negative effects on your overall health. On the other hand, poor lifestyle choices can also disrupt your sleep. The combination of inadequate sleep and health concerns may give rise to disturbing dreams, such as seeing your teeth fall out.


5. Worries About Saying Too Much or Too Little or Saying the Wrong Thing

Saying Too Much
Having an argument.

According to counselor and hypnotherapist, Susan Leigh, dreams related to teeth falling out could mean you are worried about saying something wrong or embarrassing. If you see your teeth crumbling, it could symbolize weak speech. It usually occurs when you have an argument and feel like you could not get your point across. If you see your teeth falling out one by one on their own, it could mean you wish you could stop yourself from saying too much or put the words back in your mouth. This way, teeth-related dreams are common in situations where you fear saying too much or too little or saying the wrong thing.

6. Loss and Other, Radical Life Changes

Moving to a different city.
Moving to a different city.

Teeth often symbolize our journey of growing up. We are born without teeth, and then we develop our baby teeth, which fall away when we grow our adult teeth. That way, teeth falling out is symbolic of big transitions. According to Susan Leigh, having a dream about teeth falling out is common when expecting a big life change. Whether you are moving to a different city or getting married, these transitional moments can give rise to such dreams.

Falling teeth can also symbolize loss. For example, seeing your two front teeth falling could signify the loss of innocence. It could also mean that you long to get back to your childhood or that you want something so badly that you are willing to give up your two front teeth. On the other hand, dreaming about losing your wisdom teeth could symbolize a rite of passage or loss of wisdom.

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7. The Desire to Have a Child

Desire to Have a Child
Desire to Have a Child

When talking about the meanings behind dreams, you cannot ignore Freud’s interpretations of recurring dreams. According to the founder of psychoanalysis, having recurrent dreams about teeth falling could indicate a woman’s desire to have children. He also suggested that teeth-related dreams may occur as a result of actual dental problems. When you experience dental stimuli while sleeping, it is likely that you will experience the same in your dreams as well.

8. Dealing with Stress, Anger, Anxiety, and Other Negative Emotions in Real Life


According to Coolidge and Bracken, teeth-related dreams may be directly related to and influenced by psychopathology. That means your mental state can affect the kind of dreams you have. Dreams related to teeth falling out can occur if you are experiencing high levels of stress in your life. On the other hand, if you are battling negative emotions such as anger and anxiety, chances are you might grind your teeth in your sleep. This might create a dental stimulus, which might lead to dreams related to teeth falling out.

9. Signs of Sexual Repression

Sexual Repression linked with dream about teeth falling out
Sexual Repression

This is another one of Freud’s interpretations of falling-teeth dreams, but this one pertains to men only. According to him, having recurring dreams about teeth falling out could be a sign of sexual repression in waking life. If a man has this dream, it might mean he fears castration or experiences anxiety about sexual interactions with a partner.

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