Meet the Oldest War Veteran, Who Smokes Cigars, Drinks Whiskey and Drives His Own Car at the Age of 110

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Science has always advocated a healthy lifestyle for a prolonged life. A diet which is rich in proteins and low on carbohydrates and fats is considered ideal for a good healthy life. Moreover, NCBI claims that smoking a cigarette cuts your life by 11 minutes. Also, a sugar-rich diet, dairy products, and alcohol consumption doesn’t exactly help you live a long and good life. But here is a man who smokes cigars, spikes his coffee, and eats fried catfish every day. Yet he is the oldest war veteran, who served in World War II. He drives his own car at the age of 110 and keeps himself active by doing yardwork. Well, let’s hope everyone spikes their coffee!

A man, Richard Overton, who served in World war II as a corporal, lives in Austin, Texas. His daily routine includes morning coffee with a splash of Whiskey and 12 cigars a day. Along with this, fried catfish and butter pecan ice cream is his steady diet. The only medicine he takes is Aspirin. However, he is thin, fit, and active even at the age of 110. Also, he is the oldest war veteran.

Richard Overton
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Richard Arvine Overton served in the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion in World War II. He was a corporal and served in Guam, Hawaii, and Iwo Jima. Three years later, he left the army. At that time, he was in his thirties. After leaving the army, he bought a home in Austin, Texas for $4000 and still lives there. Later, he sold furniture and worked for state Treasurer’s office. He married twice but doesn’t have any children.

Richard smoking cigar

His daily routine is nothing short of unconventional. He starts his day by having a cup of morning coffee spiked with whiskey. This is followed up with 12 Tampa sweet cigars per day, but he doesn’t inhale. For the daily diet, fried catfish and pecan butter ice cream is his choice almost every day. Sometimes, he mixes whiskey with soda water in the evenings too. Every day, Overton makes sure to have some milk. Also, he has never taken any medicine other than Aspirin. He keeps himself active by working in the yard or cleaning the driveway. The man is fond of neither Television nor wars. What is shocking is that he is the physically lean and active oldest war  veteran at the age of 110. Still, he is very strong despite his unconventional dietary choices. Moreover, he can walk without a can and drives his own car.


There’s a short documentary upon him called Mr. Overton, in which he talks about his daily routine, his secret of longevity and military services. We have shared it below

Overton has a celebrity status for being the oldest war veteran. Also, people love him for his love of cigars and whiskey. Both President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry have met and praised him for his military involvement.

Overton meets Obama
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Sitting on the porch and surrounded by people asking for photos, Overton enjoys every bit of attention that comes with being the oldest war veteran. Overton met with Texas Governor Rick Perry on Memorial Day in 2013. Later, he was invited to the White House and met with President Obama. Obama also praised him on Veterans day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

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Picture Meet the Oldest War Veteran, Who Smokes Cigars, Drinks Whiskey and Drives His Own Car at the Age of 110
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