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20 Creepy Pictures With Their Disturbing Backstories – Part 3

16. The Elephant’s Foot of the Chernobyl disaster, 1986

The Elephant’s Foot is a solid mass of melted nuclear fuel mixed with concrete, sand, and core sealing material that the nuclear fuel rods have melted through. The radiation emitting from it in 1986 was measured at 10,000 roentgens per hour. An exposure to it for 30 seconds would give you dizziness and fatigue within a week, 2-minute exposure would start hemorrhage, 4 minutes for vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, and 5 minutes would kill you within two days. (source)


17. The corpse of Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos (1910–1931) encased in wax and plaster circa 1940.

Corpse of Maria Elena Milagro
Image source: wikimedia

Carl Tanzler, or Count Carl von Cosel, was a bacteriologist at the United States Marine Hospital in Key West, Florida. He claimed that during his childhood and later life, he had visions of a dead ancestor who revealed to him the face of an exotic dark-haired woman as his true love. On April 22, 1930, Maria Elena “Helen” Milagro de Hoyos came to him for an examination and he was convinced that she was the woman in his visions.

However, Hoyos was diagnosed with tuberculosis, which was fatal back then. Tanzler became obsessed with her and tried to cure her with a variety of medicines, even bringing X-ray and other electrical equipment to her house. He professed his love to her and showered her with gifts, jewelry, and clothing.

Nevertheless, she died on October 25, 1931, and he paid for her funeral. Then, with her family’s permission, he had a mausoleum constructed, which he visited every night. One evening, he stole her corpse, reconstructed her body by attaching the bones using wire hangers, silk cloth soaked in wax and plaster of Paris for skin, filled the insides with rags, and adorned it with clothes and jewelry believing her spirit would come to him. (source)


18. The mask worn by Edward John Louis Paisnel entitled The Beast of Jersey, a notorious sex offender who terrorized the Channel Island of Jersey for a period of eleven years from 1960 to 1971. He entered homes at night dressed in a rubber mask and nail-studded bracelets and attacked children.

The Beast of Jersey
Image source: imgur

Paisnel was a builder who also built his own shrine for Satan in a barn to which he would bring his victims, all young girls and boys snatched from their homes. It was revealed during the trial that he was inspired by Gilles de Rais, a notorious 15th-century occultist and child killer. He would clad himself in a woman’s black wig, a rubber mask, and a long overcoat with nail-studded lapels and shoulders, and was said to have led a Jekyll & Hyde type of existence. He was an exemplary human and took in orphan children along with his wife, but at night he would change into a murderer. (source)

19. This photograph of a man named Brian Peppers, who was a registered sex offender in Ohio, is indeed real.

Brian Peppers
Image source: brian peppers via deviantart

The picture is of a man named Brian Peppers when he was 34 and he was listed in Ohio’s Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification system due to a conviction for Gross Sexual Imposition in 1998, in Lucas County, Ohio. His appearance might have been due to either Apert Syndrome or Crouzon Syndrome. He was wheelchair-bound when the picture was taken, which explains the appearance of short stature. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 5-year probation for “unwilling sexual contact with one who is not one’s spouse”. (source)


20. This photo was taken 2 weeks before the Columbine High school massacre. Look at the top left corner and you will find Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the students responsible for the shooting.

Columbine High school massacre
Image source: reddit

Before the incident, Harris and Klebold, aged 18 and 17, made home videos referring to what they were going to do and apologizing to their parents for it. On April 20, 1999, at approximately 11.29 AM, they carried bombs and guns and opened fire inside Columbine High School. They killed 13 people, twelve of them students and one teacher, and wounded 23 others. Then, they killed themselves in the school’s library at approximately 12.08 PM by shooting themselves in the head. (source)

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