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16 Unbelievable Photos That Are Hard To Believe Aren’t Photoshopped.

Unbelievable photos

These days, when you look at a picture, you can never be too sure if it’s the real deal or if the Photoshop wand worked its magic on it. We can assure you, however, that the following absolutely unbelievable photos fall into the former category, and no doubt about it. Sit back, and have your mind blown!

1. This image has a moonbow, a waterfall, a meteor, and the Milky Way all in one frame.

Image source:

This image is taken by Thierry Legault at Wallaman Falls, situated between Townsville and Cairns in North Queensland. Breathtaking!

2. The World’s Highest Tennis Court!

World’s Highest Tennis Court
Image source:

The fourth highest hotel in the world – Burj al-Arab at Dubai, houses the world’s highest tennis court.

3. This, despite what you may believe, is actually the drape over a construction site.

39GeorgeV wrapped building
Image source: flickr

We know this looks photoshopped, but the truth is that what you see in the picture above is actually a life-size photographic work that was based on a building in Paris, and later printed on canvas and enhanced with bas-relief, and was used to cover the renovation of a Haussmannian building in 2007. The project, called “39GeorgeV” is an urban surrealist manifesto.

4. A headless horse… wait, what?

Headless horse
Image source: flickr

Not photoshopped! The horse just turned its head. Had you fooled there for a moment, right?


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