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18 Cool Things Your School Teachers Never Taught You

7. The river changing its course over the years

River change with years
Image source: imgur

8. In case you ever find yourself in an emergency, here is a way to cut the rope. 

cut rope in an emergency
Image courtesy: DaveHax/youtube

9. A slow motion of how dogs actually drink water

How dogs actually drink water
Image source: Alex Boyle/youtube

10. If you are wondering how a key unlocks your door…

How Keys Work
Image source:

11. How braces change your teeth from crooked to perfect…

How braces affect your teeth
Image source: ernestmccallum/youtube

12. What happens when you squeeze an orange peel onto a candle flame…

Squeezing a orange peel onto a flame
Image courtesy: NightHawkInLight/youtube

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