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18 Cool Things Your School Teachers Never Taught You

13. That’s why you don’t use water to put out grease fire. The grease splatters out into the air and the fire along with it!

Why you don't use water to put out a grease fire
Image source: NRK/youtube

14. The development of human face in the womb

Human Face Development
Image source: BBC/youtube

15. This is how the cheetahs are perfect runners – they use their tails to reduce inertia every time they have to change direction. 

cheetah uses its tail
Image source: imgur

16. A male seahorse giving birth to as many as thousand seahorses. 

Seahorse giving birth
Image source: seahorsecrazy/youtube

17. A perfect example of total internal reflection. The light gets reflected back into the water because angle at which it touches the surface of the water is greater than its angle of refraction. That is how optical fibers work too. 

Bending light with water
Image source:

18. A very interesting explanation for the value of pi. And that is how pi works!

How pi works.
Image source: imgur

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