20 Really cool Science Facts that you probably never learned at school

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6 A Gömböc is a self-righting object, which means it can stand itself back up no matter how it is placed on a flat surface. Its shape also helped understand how some tortoises can turn themselves to their feet when placed upside down. 

Over the years, many objects were created that could stand only on one face while being unstable when placed with any other face down. Objects known as monostatic polytopes had one stable face and three unstable faces. But in 1995, a Russian mathematician conjectured the existence of an object with one stable face and only one unstable face, which was later proven to exist by two Hungarian scientists in 2006. The resulting object was Gömböc, which has a very unique shape that causes it to be self-righting.(source)

7 If you take the picture of the sun every day from the same spot at the same time you get a looped shape known as “analemma”. 

Image Source: scienceblogs

Since the planet Earth revolves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit and has an axial tilt, the Sun doesn’t appear at the same location every day at the same time. The analemma depicts the relative motion of the Sun with respect to a fixed location on the Earth. The analemma can be traced for not just the Sun, but also for the Moon, geosynchronous satellites and quasi-satellites.(source)


8 Non-Newtonian fluids let you run on their surface without sinking or drowning. It is because the sudden impact of feet causes the surface to temporarily thicken. 

Walking on Non-Newtonian Fluid
Image Source: giphy

Non-Newtonian fluids, unlike normal fluids, have viscosity that depends on shear rate, or the time it takes for it to undergo deformation when force is applied. When a sudden force is introduced to the liquid, like a slap on the surface, a quick hit or placing it on a plastic sheet over subwoofer speakers, the viscosity of the liquid increases causing it to thicken and the surface acts as a barrier. Which is why, the woman running on top of the the non-Newtonian fluid above was able to do so without breaking the surface.(source)


9 This is how the Earth’s ice and vegetation cycle occurs seasonally through each year. 

Breathing Earth
Image Source: giphy

The goes through many changes during the year during each season. John Nelson, a data visualizer at IDV Solutions, illustrated two animated GIFs titled “A Breathing Earth” to show the transformation of Earth as seen from the outer space. It was designed by combining all the photographs taken by satellites each month over a year. The GIF almost makes it look as if the earth is breathing, or pulsing, each time the snow starts covering the Earth during cold seasons and when the snow retreats after melting during warm seasons.(source)

10 The smallest movie ever made, “A Boy and His Atom”, was created using individual atoms and an electron-microscope.

The stop-motion movie is about a boy who meets a wayward atom and becomes friends with it. The movie depicts the boy playing and dancing with the atom which was made possible by moving carbon monoxide molecules frame by frame and viewing with a scanning tunneling microscope. It was made by IBM Research, which works on improving data storage by trying to decrease its size down to the atomic level. It was also recognized as the World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Film by Guinness Book of World Records.(source)

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Picture 20 Really cool Science Facts that you probably never learned at school
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