Hulda Clark, the naturopath who famously claimed that, all diseases & cancer was caused by Parasites & hence were curable, dies of Cancer

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Picture Hulda Clark, the naturopath who famously claimed that, all diseases & cancer was caused by Parasites & hence were curable, dies of Cancer

Hulda Regehr Clark has proved to be a polarizing figure among the medical fraternity and the ailing patients. She has been hailed for her “cures” by the patients while being reviled by the practitioners of alternative medicine as a fraud while victims and relatives of victims who have been robbed of their money and their health and sometimes of their life itself consider her as a woman who “preyed” on the hopes of the victims by promising them a miracle cure.

Hulda Regehr Clark  (1928-2009) was a naturopath, an author and a practitioner of alternative medicine who claimed all diseases were caused by parasitic infections.

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Hulda Regehr Clark studied biology at the University of Saskatchewan and her doctorate from the University of Minnesota. While her bio sketch states that she procured her doctorate in physiology, the Register of Ph.D. degrees conferred by the University of Minnesota states that she received her degree in Zoology. She also listed a Naturopathic degree from now-defunct Clayton College of Natural Health.

Clark famously claimed that all diseases, including HIV/Aids and all forms of cancer were due to Parasites and that they could be cured by “zapping”the parasites with the electrical devices she marketed. Clark has written several books on this subject and has operated numerous clinics in the United States. A string of legal difficulties and a robust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission saw her fleeing to Tijuana, Mexico, where she ran the infamous Century Nutrition clinic.

Clark claimed that all diseases were caused by parasites, pollutants and other foreign organisms that compromise the immune system. She averred that eliminating the parasites and other toxins using herbal remedies and/or electrocution would cure all diseases.

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In her book, “The Cure For All Cancers”, she states that all cancers are alike and are caused by a single parasite, liver fluke! The spread of cancer is stopped when liver fluke is killed and eliminated from the body. What’s more, she also asserts elimination of the liver fluke would lead to the generation of new healthy tissues and would prevent the occurrence of cancer.

She states that using three herbs along with  amino acids ornithine and arginine kills all the organism and effects a 100% cure (from cancer and other diseases like seizures, epilepsy, and depression).

Hulda Clark used and promoted two phony devices, ‘Syncrometer’and the ‘zapper’ for the detection and cure of diseases.

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Syncrometer was built by Clark, who claimed that it could detect contaminants in the substance. The device is a galvanometer that measures skin resistance to a low voltage electric current.

Another device that prominently figures in Clark’s treatment method is the zapper. Zapper is a low voltage device that “kills” bacteria, viruses and other organisms with electrical energy. These two devices are based on Clark’s notion that organisms broadcast a characteristic range of radio frequencies and the devices can kill the organisms by giving out a frequency that counters it.

These two devices have been proven to have no medicinal value in the treatment of any diseases.


Hulda Clark faced numerous legal issues, was arrested on a fugitive warrant and finally had to flee to Mexico.

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Hulda Clark saw several of her patients filing complaints against her throughout her career and faced several cases in court. Clark was located in San Diego in 1999 on a fugitive warrant from Indiana, where she was wanted on the charges of practicing without a license.

On February 2001, Mexican authorities inspected Century Nutrition clinic and ordered for its closure as the clinic was never registered and operated without a license. The clinic was re-opened in June of the same year with the proviso that the clinic would not be offering any more “alternative treatments.”

Clark died of complications of multiple myeloma, a form of cancer on September 3, 2009.

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Immediately after her death, her devoted fans insisted that she died of complication “from a spinal cord injury.” But a few weeks later, the Dr. Clark Information Center Web site  put up the bulletin that she had multiple myeloma. The site tried to gloss over the fact by declaring that Clark, “unable to use her Syncrometer techniques to investigate, because her hands and arms did not work well enough.”


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Picture Hulda Clark, the naturopath who famously claimed that, all diseases & cancer was caused by Parasites & hence were curable, dies of Cancer
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