Pregnant Woman Posts Pictures Of Herself Weightlifting Two Weeks To Delivery

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Picture Pregnant Woman Posts Pictures Of Herself Weightlifting Two Weeks To Delivery

Two weeks to giving birth pregnant mothers are resting, but not for Lea Ellison. The expectant mother is still on a strict fitness regime mostly done by professional athletes and military personnel.

Lea Ellison lifting weight

Lea-Ann Ellison claims that she has been weightlifting ever since she was sixteen and stopping because she was due in two weeks would be a disservice to her body. It would be in shock from no exercises like it’s used to.

The mother of two from Los Angeles was quoted as saying: ‘I strongly believe that pregnancy is not an illness, but a time to relish in your body’s capabilities.”

Lea-Ann Ellison lifting weight
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The 35 year old mother came under harsh criticism after one of her pictures, as she lifts what appears to be a hefty barbell even with her swollen belly, went viral on Face book. When questioned by Mike Galanos of HLN about the barbell, Ellison claimed that far from people’s belief that the barbell could have been 145 pounds; it was just 45.

Her fitness training regime is described as being the principal strength and conditioning program used by most tactical operation teams, police academies, special military operation units, elite and professional athletes and champion martial artists.

Photo of Lea-Ann Ellison lifting weight
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Most of the comments on Face book questioned whether it was safe for someone in her condition to be doing such heavy weightlifting. Weightlifting at that stage was a good way to lose the baby or severe the mother’s placenta, leading to early labor or miscarriage. They claimed it was so wrong.

Lea-Ann Ellison
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Others supported her fitness regime claiming that a pregnant mother on a fitness regime is better off than one who eats at McDonald’s every day without exercising. Taking the exercises was a good way for the pregnant mother to take great care of herself and her baby. She was also setting a good example to her kids on how to act in times of adversity.

Lea-Ann Ellison said that she would not put her child in danger and if she felt something was not right, she would not do the exercises.Exercising during pregnancy, according to NHS is good since it helps women cope with labor and get their shape back after birth. Prohibited activities during pregnancy include horse-riding, scuba diving and skiing. Weightlifting is not but advice women to slow down as the pregnancy progresses.
Lea-Ann was not affected by the criticism and said that she was thankful for the responses both good and bad but it was her life.

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Picture Pregnant Woman Posts Pictures Of Herself Weightlifting Two Weeks To Delivery
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