21 Less-Known Facts about Famous Celebrities

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15 Rowan Atkinson, famous for his portrayal of Mr. Bean, has a masters degree in Electrical Engineering.
Rowan Atkinson, Queen's College
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons, photosgood

The English actor and comedian studied at The Queens College, Oxford, for his MSc in 1975 and also received an Honorary Fellow in 2006. He started his career as a comedian first on BBC Radio 3 and went on to achieve international fame and become one of the most famous actors after playing Mr. Bean. He also starred in many movies, some of them not comic in nature, beginning his film career with the James Bond movie Never Say Never again.(source)

14 Keanu Reeves was a bass player for a band called Dogstar and also opened for Bon Jovi in 1995.

Keanu Reeves, Bass Player
Image Source: intouchweekly, pinterest

Keanu Reeves rose to fame after the unexpected success of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Journey in 1989 and with the movies he worked on after that. After playing the hacker Neo in The Matrix he became an international star. He is also known for choosing experimental roles and stories such as A Walk in the Clouds, Johnny Mnemonic and A Scanner Darkly. He even refused to work in Speed 2 to tour with his band and play the title role of Hamlet.(source)


13 Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars, dropped out of high school in 10th grade because he was already earning $2000 a week selling fake Gucci bags.

Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars
Image source: 1,2

The star known for shows like Pawn Stars and Pawnography started his pawn business at the age of 13 and sold fake Gucci bags. He later went on to co-own a pawn shop with his father at the age of 23 and is known for having a sharp eye for valuable items.(source)

12 Freddie Mercury was an Indian and took much pride in his heritage, a fact usually overshadowed by his being an iconic British rock star.

Freddie Mercury
Image Source: adamlamberttv, telegraph

The rock star was born to Indian Parsee parents and grew up in Zanzibar, Africa. Being a British star, he was sometimes accused of leaving behind his ancestry and heritage. But according to his mother, he was very proud of his roots and that being an Asian was part of his life. Even at the height of his fame would want nothing more than to sit by his mother in the kitchen while she cooked for him.(source)

11 When he was seven, Vin Diesel along with his brother and friends broke into a New York City theater to vandalize it. But the theater’s artistic director, instead of calling the police, offered them roles in the upcoming show. It became Diesel’s first acting experience.

Vin Diesel
Image Source: star-fights, ethnicelebs

From a very young age Vin Diesel was interested in acting. After the incident at the theater, because of which he acted in a children’s play, he remained interested and participated in acting throughout his adolescence. He went on to work in many movies starting with Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan.(source)

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