22 Unbelievable Facts will make you say “Holy Sh*t” Yet They Are All True!

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Picture 22 Unbelievable Facts will make you say “Holy Sh*t” Yet They Are All True!

The truth is stranger than fiction, sometimes there are such incidence or acts/objects that defy the comprehension boundaries of a human being  yet these unbelievable facts exist, forcing us to shed our previously held beliefs, widening the windows of our knowledge. These 22 facts are the incontrovertible proof that sometimes bizarre is normal.

1 This mind-bending illusion is called Anamorphic Illusion. It’s all about perspective!

Anamorphic Illusions
Image source: giphy

Anamorphism is an optical illusion, a form of art that dates back to 1500’s. This painting technique causes a distortion of an image and requires the viewer to see the image from a particular angle to get the perspective of the whole image. It is considered to be the 3D tech of its time as it allowed the objects to be portrayed with depth(something that could not be done in any other way).(source)


2 Researchers have printed the tiniest color picture ever, this picture measures 80 µm x 115 µm. That’s about the cross-sectional area of a human hair.

quantum dots
Image Source: ethz.ch

Researchers from ETH Zurich and it’s start-up company Scrona have created the smallest inkjet printed color image of a clown fish around their sea Anemone home using the innovative 3D NanoDrip printing technology. The image is the size of a single pixel and has been created using quantum dots – nanoparticles engineered to emit a specific color. These quantum dots provide depth and vibrancy to the color. The printed color picture is so small, one requires a special microscope to see it. Guinness World Records have announced that Scrona Ltd. and the ETH Zurich are the official World Record Holders for the smallest inkjet-printed color image.(source)

3 Michael Jackson’s autopsy report confirms that he was bald and wore wigs to conceal it.

Image Source: cavemancircus.com

The autopsy on the King of Pops’s Michael Jackson revealed some shocking details about the last days of the legend. The singer had shrivelled away to a mere 112 pounds and there was virtually no food in his stomach apart from partially dissolved pills. There were numerous needle marks on his hips, thighs and shoulders believed to have come from the painkiller injections. His hair had fallen out and was reduced to a fuzz, Michael had taken to hiding his bald pate with a wig.(source)

4 An Indian construction worker has surprisingly survived being impaled by a two-metre iron rod that skewered his skull.

construction worker
Image Source: news.com

Mohammed Guddu, a 24-year-old Indian resident was accidentally impaled by a rod that fell from the fourth floor when he was mixing cement. The impact was such that the rod protruded out of the back of the skull. X-rays showed that the rod was tightly lodged in his head. He was rushed to a government hospital where the doctors cut open the skull and pulled out the iron rod in a five-hour surgery. The construction worker is out of danger but has developed paralysis on the left side of the body. The doctors are optimistic about his chances of regaining complete movement of the body by 3 months. The doctors attribute his survival to the fact that the rod pierced a non-eloquent region of his brain and skipped the vital arteries.(source)


5 Muhammad Ali Dodged 21 Punches in 10 Seconds in April 1977 exhibition match.

Muhammad Ali boxing
Image source: giphy

The 35-year-old boxing legend Muhammad Ali was nearing the end of his career, while Michael Dokes, at 19, was a young and eager fighter ready to make his mark. In a 1977 exhibition match between these two, sparks were bound to fly, and indeed they did. Early in the match, Dokes threw punches with lightning speed, but Muhammad Ali, displaying his trademark agility, managed to evade all 21 punches, even doing a little “wiggle dance” to taunt Dokes’ skills (source)

6 Treasures of gold, diamond, and diamond encrusted statues of Gods and Goddesses worth $22 billion discovered in “secret” underground vaults  beneath Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, in India.

Padmanabhaswamy temple
Image credit: CamelKW(flickr)

Gold coins, jewels, trinkets and diamond embedded gold statues of Gods and Goddesses  worth $22 billion was discovered in a secret vault beneath the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum, India. The treasure hidden in six vaults was an open secret and the wealth was accumulated over centuries. All the precious treasures are from the devotees who present it to the God as thanksgiving.(source)

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Picture 22 Unbelievable Facts will make you say “Holy Sh*t” Yet They Are All True!
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