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In 1998 ,Sony Accidentally Sold 700,000 Camcorders That Could See Through People’s Clothes.

Camcorders That Could See Through People's Clothes

Yes You heard it right,in year 1998 sony sold 700,00 camcorder that had technology to see through your clothes,well what was that? lets check out..

The cameras had special lenses that use infrared light (IR) to see through some types of clothing,such as on dark colored, thin clothing – like swimsuits. The main factor is how well the fabric absorbs IR light waves. It’s not for regular digicams, but rather for camcorders with a IR night vision mode, and the resolution is low.

camera that could see through clothes

Sony recalled the camcorders when they found out about this, but the night vision camcorders that they subsequently released,some people figured out how to modify the camera to get the see-through-clothing functionality  and hundreds of the modified cameras are for sale on the Internet. The camera with all the filters sells for about $700 brand new, and is easy to obtain.Sony said it has no responsibility for altered or modified products.A lot of people have used this technology for wrong purposes.


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