22 Unbelievable Facts will make you say “Holy Sh*t” Yet They Are All True!

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7 A Chinese artist vacuumed up Beijing’s air for 100 days and made a brick from what he collected.

Beijing’s Air Brick
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A Chinese artist, known as ‘Brother Nut’ spent 100 days wandering around the capital city of Beijing with his industrial vacuum cleaner sucking up the toxic particles from the air. Beijing, the capital city has an AQI (air quality index) of 600, this is 20 times the human limit and dangerous to health. Brother Nut came up with the idea of creating a brick from the atmospheric dust to generate awareness about the perils of the polluted atmosphere.(source)


8 Brinicle, also known as ‘icicle of death’ are formed when salt-rich water leaks out of sea ice and sinks into the sea. The rapidly descending tube of ice freezes everything it touches on the ocean floor, including living sea organism.

Brinicle or ‘icicle of death’ is formed when saline is introduced into the Antartic ocean. Brine, which is denser than the water begins to sink, the extremely cold brine begins to freeze the sea water around it. When it touches the sea bed, it forms an icy web killing all the sea creatures in its path.(source)

9 Bill Haast, the “Snake Man” was bitten at least 173 times by poisonous snakes. He injected himself with ‘snake venom mix’ every day for more than 60 years. He is responsible for saving numerous lives of snake bitten victims. He died a natural death after celebrating his 100th birthday.

Bill Haast
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Bill Haast who has been bitten at least 173 times, 20 of them almost fatally built up his immunity by injecting himself with the mix of venom from almost 32 species of poisonous snakes. He did this every day  for over 60 years. Haast  has jet-setted around the world donating his anti-body rich blood to 21 snake bite victims and saving their lives.(source)


10 Billy Milligan, An American criminal split into 24 personalities to cope up with his troubled life.In the process, his other personalities committed robberies, felony and rapes.For each of these personalities; his speech pattern was different, his accents were different. He sat in different ways on the chair.

billy milligan
Image Source: therecaps.com

Billy Stanley Milligan was an American citizen who became famous due to a highly publicized court case in Ohio in 1977.  After robberies and felonies, Milligan was finally arraigned on charges of rape (three rapes). Milligan who was diagnosed with multiple personalities pleaded insanity. He was the first person to use the multiple personalities as the defense and was acquitted on the basis of the same reason. He was sent to a mental hospital for further observation and treatment. Milligan passed away at a nursing home, Columbus in Ohio due to cancer. He was 59.(source)

11 A Chinese man bought and raised two puppies, cared for them despite their frequent killing and eating of  his chickens, and then discovered they were actually bears.

Image Source: examiner.com

Wang Kayui from the village of Yunnan bought the two cubs from a Vietnamese. The well behaved cubs did not cause any misgivings in Wang’s bosom. Warning bells began to jangle only when the cubs turned adult. They began to look less like dogs and displayed a strong desire for more food, attacking and killing Wang’s chickens to satiate their hunger. The truth clicked when he came across leaflets from the Public Security Bureau on endangered wild animals and realized that he was keeping Category 2 protected endangered animals by accident. He informed the local police, who collected the bears and deposited them in the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre.(source)

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Picture 22 Unbelievable Facts will make you say “Holy Sh*t” Yet They Are All True!
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