24 Fun Facts About The Movie ‘DeadPool’ That Every Fan Must Know!

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13 When Gina Carano who plays Angel Dust, did the junkyard fight scene, she was more worried about spiders than anything else, even her stunts.

Angel Dust
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14 In the comics, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is actually a telepath and precognitive mutant. Her abilities were changed for the film due to the fact that the writers felt that having explosive powers would fit more with her name.

Deadpool negasonic teenage warhead
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15 On April Fool’s Day 2015, Ryan Reynolds posted on Twitter that the film would be rated PG-13, which prompted fan backlash as the Deadpool character often swears and commits acts of graphic violence. Later that day, Reynolds confirmed that it was a prank and the film would be R rated.

Ryan Tweet on PG13 Deadpool
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There was a rumor that the 20th Century Fox were aiming for PG-13 to draw in a larger audience. This elicited a frenzied reaction from Deadpool purists including Reynolds who did not want “Merc with the mouth” diluted. Reynolds toyed with his twitter fans alternately reassuring and teasing them. The debate about Deadpool’s listing was finally settled on April 1st with the hashtag #Aprilpools by Reynolds who confirmed that Deadpool will be an R-rated film.(source)

16 In the scenes where he is dealing with the stalker pizza delivery guy, Wade is wearing a T-shirt with a portrait of Bea Arthur on the front. This is a reference to the fact that in the comics, Deadpool has an affection for Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls TV show.

Pizza delivery guy scene in Deadpool
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17 Ryan Reynolds describes Deadpool’s “breaking the fourth wall” ability as a reflection of current times. When a character in the movie or a book becomes self-aware and knows he is inside a movie or a comic panel and speaks directly to the audience, it is said to be “breaking the fourth wall.

Deadpool breaking the fourth wall
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He added “I think Deadpool’s coming along at the right time, because it’s speaking to that generation that has seen all these comic-book films and enjoyed them all; it’s speaking to them as though the guy in that red suit is one of them. It’s like watching a DVD commentary by someone who’s got some pop-culture savvy and is kind of funny and a little obnoxious and is saying the things that you wouldn’t say.”

18 To prepare for the film Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool) hired a swords master to train him.

Wade Wilson Sword
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