18 True Facts That Sound Completely Fake

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Picture 18 True Facts That Sound Completely Fake

The reality is often stranger than the fiction. When we try to understand a fact that we consider fake, the universe reveals its crazy truth, and we are left gaping. Sometimes we come to know about certain facts which sound too crazy to be true. Some of these bogus sounding facts are actually completely true. Here we have compiled a list of facts which sound completely fake but are actually true.

1 Oxford University was founded before the Aztec Empire.

Aztec Empire
Image Credits: pixabay, pexels

In history, there is no proof of the foundation of Oxford University. But, the record shows that teaching in some form had begun in the university by 1096. It started developing rapidly and became popular in 1167 when Henry II restricted the entry of English students in University of Paris.

Before 1200, the Aztecs were a nomadic tribe. Hence, the foundation of Aztec civilization is dated 20 June 1325 because this is the day when the capital of Aztec Empire, Tenochtitlan, was founded. In 1521, Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro captured Tenochtitlan and brought an end to the Aztec civilization. Thus, the beginning and end of Aztec civilization were within the timeline of Oxford University. (source)

2 A woman’s uterus can fall out of her vagina if the muscles are too weak.

Image credits: BruceBlaus via wikimedia

Uterine Prolapse is a medical condition in women in which the uterus falls out of the vagina. It happens when the muscles and ligaments holding the vagina in place becomes weak. In a woman’s body, there is a small muscular band in the pelvic region which closes the opening of the vagina. The ligaments hold up the walls of vagina and uterus and also prevent their downward descent. These muscles and ligaments become weak due to various factors such as childbirth, age, chronic coughing, obesity etc. This causes damage to the pelvic floor which results in uterine prolapse. (source)


3 If you have two arms, then you have more arms than the average person.

Image credit: Pixabay

Each year a number of people lose one or both hand in an accident or in a war. This led to the derivation of the mathematical fact that if a person has two arms then that person has more arms than the average person. Surprised? Go on.

Let’s prove it mathematically.

Imagine a town with 1000 people. Out of the 1000 people, one person has one hand. Thus, the total number of hands in town becomes 1999.

Consequently, the average number of arms per person in that town is 1999/1000 = 1.99 which is less than 2.

This proves the fact that a person with two arms has more arms than the average person. (source)

4 The driest place on Earth has seen no rain for nearly 2 million years.

Driest Place on Earth
McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. Image credit: Robert Simmon/NASA via

When people ask where the driest place on Earth is, our mind immediately starts juggling between the names of deserts. Yet, surprisingly the driest place on the Earth is in Antarctica. The place is called Dry Valleys and it hasn’t seen any rain for nearly 2 million years. The net gain of water in this region is zero. Lake Bonney in the Dry Valleys is covered with 3 to 5 meters of ice permanently and mummified bodies of seals have been found around this lake.

The Dry Valleys spreads over an area of 4,800 square kilometers and there is almost no ice, water or snow. There is no precipitation and rain in Dry Valley. The reason behind the lack of rain is the Katabatic winds. The katabatic winds flow from the mountains and are laden with moisture. It becomes so heavy with moisture that it is pulled down due to gravity and hence it cannot reach the valley. (source)


5 An avocado has as twice the potassium as a banana.

avocado has as twice the potassium as a banana
Image credits: pixabay

Most people know that banana is one of the richest sources of potassium. In reality, an avocado has a twice amount of potassium than that found in a banana. Avocado is also a rich source of Vitamin K. Consuming one avocado a day will fulfill one-third of our daily Vitamin K requirement. Avocado also contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, folic acid, and pantothenic acid.

Avocado is considered as the super-food because it helps to prevent cancer, improves eyesight, develops fertility, and aids in weight loss. (source)

6 More people are killed by cows than sharks every year.

sharks and cow
Image credits: pixabay

Cows are known universally as a domestic animal. Hence, words like aggressive and deadly beast are used for tigers, bulls, crocodile or sharks, but almost never for cows. However, data have shown that every year people killed by cows are far more than people killed by sharks. In July 1916, sharks attacked 5 people in 12 days and four of them died. In 2009, the same number of people were killed by cows in Britain alone.

Surprisingly most cow attacks are deliberate attacks and made in groups. During group attack, cows gather in a circle facing outward. They lower their head while stamping on the ground. The leader initiates the attack and rest of the group follows. Cows often target people walking with dogs. They become agitated by the quick movement of dog and attacks them. When people are walking their dog, the cows are likely to assault them. Cows are known to attack motorist, small truck or even people passing nearby them. (source)

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Picture 18 True Facts That Sound Completely Fake
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