25 Mind-Boggling Facts About The Universe That Will Make You Wonder If we Are Really Alone Here

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Picture 25 Mind-Boggling Facts About The Universe That Will Make You Wonder If we Are Really Alone Here

When it comes to “Infinity” and cosmos, these Facts about the universe remind us what can be categorized as incomprehensible and sometimes unbelievable. We are a tiny bunch when compared with the unending vastness galore in the universe. So sit down tight, hold on to your hats and read what are some absolutely incredible facts about space.

25 You are as old as the universe because matter cannot be created or destroyed.

old as the universe
Image credits: pixabay

24 There are an estimated 70 sextillion stars in the known universe (70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)

70 sextillion stars
Image credits: pixabay

According to a study by Australian researchers at the Australian National University, there are 70 sextillion stars in the universe. To put it into perspective, the figure contains seven followed by 22 zeros. The team of researchers calculated one strip of sky- using two of the world’s most powerful telescopes, one at the Anglo-Australian Observatory in northern New South Wales state and one in the Canary Islands- and within one strip of sky, some 10,000 galaxies were pinpointed and detailed measurements of their brightness were taken to calculate how many stars they contained. (Source)

23 Not only are there rogue planets floating through space completely alone, not orbiting any stars, but it’s possible that these pitch-black lonely planets support life.

Rogue planets
Image credits: JPL-Caltech via nasa.gov

Rogue planets- the name which is given to those planets that drift out into space away during the chaotic birth of their solar systems-have been theorized to support life. According to Caltech planetary scientist David Stevenson, if these rogue planets retained a hydrogen atmosphere, they could stay warm enough to have liquid water on their surface. This would enable them to have a subsurface ocean without an atmosphere. This essentially means that humans can live on such planets that do not have sunrise or a sunset due to their lack of tethering with any star. (Source)


22 The largest galaxy in the observable universe is the elliptical galaxy, IC 1101. It has 100 trillion stars and is 6 million light years in diameter! By comparison, the Milky way has a mere 100 billion stars and is 100,000 light years in diameter

 IC 1101
Image credits: Fernando de Gorocica via wikimedia

IC 1101 is classified as the biggest galaxy in the observable universe which is estimated to be at a distance of 1.04  billion light years away from Earth. IC 1101 has a diameter of 6 million light years (1 light year = 5.9 trillion miles) and is known to house 100 trillion stars. If our galaxy were to be replaced with this colossal galaxy, it would swallow up both Magellanic clouds, the Andromeda galaxy, the Triangulum galaxy, and almost all the space in between. The reason for its insanely unimaginable size is due to the process of smaller galaxies getting attracted to one another and colliding over billions of years, thereby, creating extremely large galaxies. (1, 2, 3)

21 100,000,000,000 solar neutrinos pass through every square inch of your body every second.

solar neutrinos
Image credits: Dr. Christopher Burrows via wikimedia

“Flux’ is something that is used by Scientists to measure the rate of flow of material and similarly it is used to measure the number of solar neutrinos that reach us on the earth. The solar neutrino flux for us on Earth is about 65 billion neutrinos, passing through just one square centimeter of area on earth, every second. This means that every second, about 100 trillion neutrinos are passing through our body since we are also transparent to them. To go further with this fact, over the course of our lifetime, about 10^23 neutrinos will stream through our body – that’s almost a trillion trillions. Talking about the mass of these neutrinos, it is postulated that a combined weight of about 10-13 kilograms of neutrinos will stream through our body over the course of our lives. (Source)

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Picture 25 Mind-Boggling Facts About The Universe That Will Make You Wonder If we Are Really Alone Here
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