10 Undeniably Cool Things You Would Love to Have

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Picture 10 Undeniably Cool Things You Would Love to Have

As they say, little things do matter in life. It doesn’t matter if it is a simple household object or some elaborate outdoor equipment, there are things that we dream of to make our life much more interesting and entertaining like the transparent bubble tent we’ve shown below that lets you see everything around you when you go camping, or the vertical bathtub if you are short of space, or the Lego tapes that would make all your Lego-building dreams come true. Here is more about these undeniably cool things that we are sure you would love to have.

1 A Japanese company has released a creamy spreadable coffee that you can spread on your morning toast. 

Spreadable coffee
Image source: www.kidspot.com.au

The product was released by a Japanese company known as Snow Brand Milk on March 1, 2017, to celebrate its 55th anniversary. The spread is like Nutella to people who love coffee. The company has previously released another product in 2015 known as Edible Snow Brand Coffee, which is like the pudding with a creamy topping, coffee in the middle and caramel sauce at the bottom.(source)

2 This chandelier which is known as “Forms of Nature” casts shadows that turn your room into a wild forest. 

"Forms of Nature" Chandelier
Image Source: mymodernmet

The chandelier was created by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz to “recreate the feeling of being surrounded by mysterious nature”. Each chandelier sculpture takes eight hours of assembly of 3D printed pieces. The piece was inspired by the German painter Casper David Friedrich’s depiction of the man in the wild and the German naturalist Ernst Haeckel’s plant and animal drawings. Each piece is engraved and even comes with an authenticity certificate.(source)

3 An inflatable see-through tent that lets the campers enjoy the view. 

Image source: www.bubbletree.fr

Called the CristalBubble, the transparent bubble tent was the idea of the French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas. A standard CristalBubble is 13 feet in diameter and made of reinforced plastic giving a completely transparent 360-degree view of the surroundings. It has a built-in blower to supply the necessary amount of air to both maintain the shape and provide fresh air and an integrated filter which keeps out mosquitoes, moisture, and dust. Additional facilities such as modular wooden floor are also available.(source)


4 An ingenious portable outdoor toilet that can be attached to your car’s bumper.

Bumper Dumper
Image Source: bumperdumper

If you love camping outdoors for more than a day but don’t want to miss the comfort of having a proper toilet, then you are going to need a portable one, and Bumper Dumper is just the thing. It comes with a frame for 2×2 hitch receiver and a toilet seat, and can also be used as a standalone unit. It can even be used in disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and any other situations in which sanitation might be compromised.(source)

5 Vertical Bath is for those who love the feel of a long soak but don’t have enough space in the bathroom for a normal tub. 

Vertical Bath
Image Source: www.bathstore.com

Developed by Dr. Nisan Aptal from Bathstore, the Vertical Bath seeks to solve the problem many homeowners with limited bathroom space face. The bath occupies the same amount of space as a typical shower and instead of water coming from above, it is filled with warm water from the bottom. It has a temperature and a flow dial that controls water flow. Once the bath is filled up to the level you want you can turn the supply off and enjoy the bath. Pressing the Quick Drain button drains the bath once you are done. (source)

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Picture 10 Undeniably Cool Things You Would Love to Have
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