Mother to a 21-year-old son, this woman herself looks like she is in her 20s”

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Picture Mother to a 21-year-old son, this woman herself looks like she is in her 20s”

She is 52 years of age but looks like she might be in her late 20s, and Pamela Jacobs, from Leeds, credits her youthful looks to coconut oil, sunscreen, exercise, and genes. Looks so youthful, in fact, that she is often mistaken to be her 21-year-old son’s girlfriend – perhaps the only drawback her looks might have.

Pamela with her son
Pamela with her son. Image source:

In fact, recently, she was even offered a student rail card after being mistaken for… well, a student. However, Pamela is now used to being mistaken for being much, much younger than she really is: when she went for a medical check-up, the nurse refused to believe that Pamela was in her 50s until she saw her medical files: ‘She said she was amazed at how young I looked – and also that I still had a waist.’

She says her secret is healthy diet, exercise and coconut oil
She says her secret is healthy diet, exercise and coconut oil. Image source:

She attributes her sustained youthful looks to her South Asian genes – her mother and sisters too, she says, look much younger than they really are – along with a healthy diet, exercise, and coconut oil and sunscreen.

Beautiful Pamela
Image source:

Her diet mainly consists of vegetables and proteins, and is low in sugar content. She also avoids wheat products like bread and pasta and makes it a point to keep away from fruits because of their high sugar concentration. She also eats a handful of almonds every day and drinks a lot of water. She follows the 80/20 rule, she says – ‘80% eating well and 20% sneaking in the odd pudding, a little alcohol or organic dark chocolate.’

Very young by heart to
Image source:

She exercises once a week, attending body conditioning classes, followed by a fitness yoga session. Her gymming session is followed by sauna and steam, and a cold shower, which, she is convinced, ‘has helped to tone’ her skin.

Coconut oil is an integral part of her life. Says Pamela, ‘I’m a big coconut oil lover. My mother used it on our hair and skin when we were younger and I’ve carried on.’ She uses Biona Organic Coconut Oil in her cooking, as well as one her skin, applying it twice a day as a moisturiser. Coconut oil is also her go-to makeup remover and for hair treatments. In fact, she even uses coconut oil in her coffee!

Pamela Jacobs
Image source:

She maintains that regular body brushing, as well as using coconut oil and an overnight mask once a week helps keep her skin soft and toned. She also never steps out of the house without a generous layer of sunscreen on: this is something that she does not compromise on.

Lately, she began using organic cosmetics that not only work better, but also last longer; also, her makeup routine lasts almost five minutes.

Says Pamela, ‘Men do comment on my looks and say things like “I don’t believe you” or “You must be lying.” I always say, what woman would actually add years on?’

When was 29 years old
When was 29 years old. Image source:

To her, the secret to her youthful looks can also be partially attributed to her outlook: ‘I think the secret of eternal youth is to smile every day. The best thing about looking young is that it makes me feel good and gives me confidence.’

Despite her looks, Pamela claims that she has begun noticing signs of advancing age lately, such as being more tired than usual.

Image source:

However, when it comes down to it, we cannot help but admit that Pamela Jacobs, at 52, does look pretty darn good for her age.

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Picture Mother to a 21-year-old son, this woman herself looks like she is in her 20s”
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