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15 Interesting facts about McDonald’s that we’re pretty sure you don’t know!

11. The Big Mac is used as an informal economic index that helps compare purchasing power between currencies and countries.

The Big Mac Index
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Imagine the power that this burger has! Each year, “The Economist” publishes the “Big Mac Index” to measure the PPP (purchasing power parity) between two countries, and how current market exchange rates lead to the cost of goods being the same in different countries. “The Economist” says – ‘Burgernomics was never intended as a precise gauge of currency misalignment, merely a tool to make exchange-rate theory more digestible’, and we believe them.(source)

12. Iceland does not have a single McDonald’s outlet.

In 2009, the three outlets in Iceland shut down due to the country’s financial crisis which made operations in the McDonald’s franchise too expensive. What a pity that McDonald’s said that they have no intention of returning to the island country again.(source)

13. Of all the sesame seeds grown in Mexico, 75% end up on McDonald’s hamburger buns.

sesame seeds Mcdonald's
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14. The farthest you can be from a McDonald’s outlet in the U.S. is 107 miles.

Crave a Big Mac? If the result of an experiment conducted by Stephen Von Worley is to be believed, you’re never too far from a McDonald’s outlet if you’re in the U.S.: in fact, he found the farthest distance between two outlets to be 107 miles.(source)

15. Several McDonald’s outlets in European countries serve beer.

Beer at Mcdonald's
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Ah, beer! In keeping with popular sentiment, McDonald’s serves beer in several countries in Europe, such as France and Germany, although it has been discontinued in several outlets in the latter.(source)

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