Acts Of Kindness On This Russian Video Will Surely Make You Cry

by Unbelievable Facts9 years ago

The video dubbed “Russian video that made the whole world cry” is currently a sensation on YouTube. It shows Russian motorists going out of their way to help perfect strangers on the highway. They stop their trucks and cars to help people cross the street and get animals off the road.

It’s good to know that there are still people out there who are kind to others and who will go out of their way to help if they can. These people were not obligated to help in any way; they just did it out of a kind heart. The video, made by Alextard, shows that there is still hope in the world and taking a minute to help someone out could make a huge impact on their lives.

This video shows a different side of Russia. It’s a confirmation that kindness without expecting anything in return is powerful. It would be a better world, if we did this more often.
[source: ALEXTARD]

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Picture Acts Of Kindness On This Russian Video Will Surely Make You Cry
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