15 Interesting facts about McDonald’s that we’re pretty sure you don’t know!

by Aswathy Gopinath8 years ago

6 McDonald’s’ golden arches are one of the most recognized signs across the world: even more than the cross.

McDonald’s’ golden arches
Image source: thedailyheckle.net

7 McDonald’s’ daily revenue is about US$76 million.

Annual revenue
Image source: www.bidnessetc.com

That’s about $28.1 billion each year!(source)

8 Pizza was a famous McDonald’s product in the ’70s. 

Image source

This experiment started with their McPizza and McDonald’s Pizza – both different variants which found their way to test-market stores on interstate highways near Milwaukee and Madison, then to restaurants in Canada as a family-sized and later, personal-sized pizza. Although it was discontinued in most restaurants in 2000 because of the long time it took to cook it (11 minutes!), many variations – such as India’s famous “Pizza McPuff” – still carry the legacy of the McPizza.(source)

9 McDonald’s has over 80,000 graduates in Hamburgerology from their Hamburger University!

Hamburger University
Image source: mcdonalds.wikia.com

Oh yes, that’s very much a legit degree: in the ’60s, people were required to complete a diploma course in Hamburgerology from the Universitas McDonald’s Hambergerensis, or the Hamburger University, in order to work at McDonald’s. The Hamburger University is now McDonald’s training facility.(source)

10 A website by McDonald’s advised its workers to avoid fast food.

McDonald’s, on its McResources Line site, which aimed at providing advice to the employees, posted an illustration that advised the employees to avoid fast food, and opt for healthier choices like a submarine sandwich, salad, and water. The site has since been shut down, following severe scrutiny from people across the world. Irony at its best.(source)

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Picture 15 Interesting facts about McDonald’s that we’re pretty sure you don’t know!
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