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15 Surprising Beer Facts That Every Beer Lover Must Know!

11. Australian scientists have created a hydrating, hangover-free beer. 

A truly noble pursuit, scientists in Australia have created a hangover-free beer by adding electrolytes to the brew. The key, they believe, is to prevent dehydration. There is a catch, however. This only works on beers with a lower alcohol content.(source)

12. There are beer-flavored ice creams with enough alcohol in them to leave you tipsy. 

beer flavored ice creams
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13. Belgian city, Bruges, is all set to get an underground beer pipeline. 

The move comes as an attempt to preserve the beauty of Bruges. Each year, the city endures around 500 beer tankers clanking along its cobbled streets. As a result, the streets are now looking battered and bruised.

So, plans are being prepared for the construction of a high-quality plastic pipe that will carry 6000 liters of beer, beneath the city, instead.(source)

14. Australia largest ever petition, with 792,985 signatures, was submitted to Parliament in the year 2000. The initiative? To protest rising beer prices. That’s a cause I can get behind. 

Beer lover australians
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15. In outer space, there exists a gigantic cloud of alcohol which can be used to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

beer cloud in space
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You read that right. There’s a cloud of ethyl alcohol, called G34.3, just floating along in space. What’s more is that the alcohol found in this cloud can fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.

You might not want to get too excited, though. The big, bad, booze cloud is 10,000 light years away from us, in the constellation Aquila. So, we’re probably a long way from it. Moreover, it is 1000 times the size of our solar system and we’d probably just drown in it anyway.(source)

Bonus Fact: Budweiser beer, or really any beer, makes a kickass hair conditioner! Remember that the next time you have a flat beer and lackluster locks. 

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