A Politician Captured His Assassin At The Exact Moment He Was Shot!

In a bizarre coincidence, a local politician from Manila, Philippines captured his murderer in his camera just before he was shot to death.

Reynaldo Dagsa was shot in the chest when he was enjoying the New Year’s Eve with his family, he later died on his was to hospital. Later discoveries on the incident revealed that while Reynaldo was clicking picture of his wife and daughter on the day of the incident, he had coincidentally captured his assassin on his camera  just minutes before his death.

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The photo appeared on the front page of Philippine Daily Inquirer and was handed over to police for further  investigation. The photo resulted in the identification and arrest of the murderer, Michael Gonzales, who was allegedly a car thief and whose arrest was ordered by Reynaldo last year. A another suspect Rommel Oliva(on Gonzale’s right) who was acting as lookout on the scene of murder has been identified and is currently being hunted down by the police.

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